Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Well it has been a great week. Still got sick again.....grrr. But we were able to do a lot. We got in with a lot of people who just were always busy and that is always a plus with the Christmas Season. This Christmas we are going to the Crawfords home and I will be skyping there. At 11 to 2 my time (so 9 to 12 your time). Our week this week is also busy. So great things there. We are working with the Bourne's son and he is scheduled for Jan 10 for baptism. Because the Bishop wants to be there for his baptism. Crazy that I am skyping my family already. It does not feel like it has been that long since I have skyped them. haha But not much else to report. I love you all and have a very Merry Christmas.

Elder Peterson

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week before Christmas

Hello everyone Well everything is going well. Just a little sickness and so a little down in the apartment. But other then that all is awesome. Jacob Recieved the Priesthood and Bro Bourne is going to recieve the priesthood this week too. So heck yes. Got a lot of work going on and slowly but surely everything is coming together. Shout out to my Cousin Cameron who is coming home. Which is like oh crap 6 months. But so far so good. It is weird too, because we are having a little warm up over here. So that is a great too. Well that is my report and hopefully in two weeks I will be having another baptism to talk about.

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

O let it be December!!

So this past week I have had a lot going on. Mission Conference was this week and this is my last one...:( but we were able (as a companionship) to get in and visit a lot of people which is a great blessing in the eyes of this area. We are continuing to get people but as always at a really slow pace. But this week we have been able to set up appointments during the week and get things to move great that way. But as a mission we have been able to baptize this year so far over 240 people. Which is  miraculous from were it has been. It makes everyone feel great that this is going super great. Our mission President even cried because this was his last Christmas conference for the mission and he was like you better get the new goals done next year for the new mission president. But it was a very sad but great day. Other then that nothing Exciting. Just for all you weather people. It is a Cool mid 30's and wind chill. Love you

Monday, December 1, 2014

Having a blast!!

Hey hey hey, this is Yo Elder Peterson and well being Cleveland Gangster. Not really horrible at it.
Well Thanksgiving was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Heck no I did not overstuff,I learned my lesson from last year and so I only had 2 1/2 plates instead which was all I ate that day. So my appetite has really been decreasing. I weigh now at260. Which is really awesome. I think that it is more muscle then anything. Because I have stretch marks like on my shoulders just above the armpits. It looks really cool. I am also really steady. It helps because I walk about 10 miles a day and that is my average. So a lot of exercise which I love. 

I know Camerons almost home. AHAHAHAHAH that is bad bad bad. That means That I will be home in six months AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am having a blast out here and getting a whole lot of work done in the OCM. We have been staying busy getting in contact with a bunch of people that we have been trying to get a hold of since I have been here in Ashland. Not much new just have mission conference tomorrow. So that should be a blast. ​But the work here has been increasing. We are getting in contact with people and it is like so cool. It helps to have a comp that is willing to listen and actually work with you. It makes a night and day appearance. I LOVE IT. hahaha Makes time fly by and it helps so much. Again I LOVE IT.  So we are having a valiant time getting things to push forward and it is working. The work just keeps on a moving. So we do have a baptism planned and working towards that. Which is my recent converts son who is a really funny kid. So then we were contacting and then we got referrals. Which is a glorious time to be a missionary. When you get them they are like gold. You love, love , and let me emphasize this LOVE referrals. It makes our work a whole lot easier. Love you all.

Elder Peterson

Monday, November 24, 2014

Not much but cold and rain

Elder Clegg, Bro Daugherty , Sis. B, Bro. B, Elder Peterson
Well everything is going great with me and my new companion Elder Clegg. He is quiet but a super cool Elder from the Cedar Fort area in Utah.  He loves music, works hard, gets things done, smart country guy. I knew him back when I was in Perry and New Castle. He has been out for 21 months. He goes home in February
(Mom: How many companions have you had that are from Utah?)
Actually I have only had Six out of ten comps that are from Utah. So not bad on that note.
The Baptism went awesome last Saturday and the morning of the Baptism went absolutely crazy. First off we get a text from the person giving the talk on baptism saying that her daughter was sick so she couldn't make it. So one of us had to plan for that. Then we get a text from Sis Bourne (the person being baptized) saying she had a problem. We were like oh crap, so we texted back whats up. She then said she was sick. So we then had a long conversation back and forth and then the only reason why she didn't want to come was because she was sick. But she did come. Then of course, there was an Ice storm the night prior and that was like ugh. So everyone was late and that was stressful and we were hoping that all would go well. Then after that it went smooth. Then we all just wanted to collapse. But that was all a blast to have done. So then after that we got all the work done we just went out and did what we do best, Missionary work. 
(Mom: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?)
For this Thanksgiving I am having two maybe three dinners. Yah​
Love ya got to go. See you next week.
Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Monday, October 27, 2014

Baptism....New investigators

Elder Peterson, Jacob, Elder Wrey
October 26, 2014

Well I am doing awesome. We had Jacobs baptism on Sunday instead, It went super well and it was awesome. He is really cool!

Mom: What about the couple who is set for baptism in November?

The family hasn't moved it up yet because we first need to teach them everything and we will see from there

We have new people that we are teaching now so our schedule is picking up.
The companionship is going great. He has only been out for 5 months. So still a newbie. I work around his strengths to build him up as a person and help him learn too. That is my goal in this companionship. 

I have been lifting 139lbs Benching. (yeah that's right I have a bench press in my apartment).  I don't know how on earth we got the bench press all I can say is buhya.
Well I am getting really frustrated with library computers. I have to next week write everyone because I just realized that I can't copy on these dumb computers. GRRRRRR.... Hate them but love that I get to use them for free. Love you!

Love, Elder Peterson

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ash the Ashland

This was taken on transfer day October 8, 2014
Well doing great here in Ohio in the City of Ashland that has a population of 22,000. So much fun and great workout every day. I have to laugh though because my work is progressing and not at the same time. We find and teach but we don't find fast enough. We are having a baptism this Sunday for example and he is 18 almost 19 and has a desire to work and go on a mission. His name is Jacob. He is a super awesome kid. He loves the gospel. The way he was found is from a girl that was baptized last year named Anna and she asked if he wanted to take the lesson and he said sure (come to find out he only wanted to do it at that time for her). But when he was taking the lessons hard times came and he kept pushing and he has learned to love the gospel. So I am super excited to see him baptized. The next is the Bournes who was referred to us by a member  (they have a date for the 22 of Nov and they may even move up faster then that) and how they came in contact was at WalMart and now they are looking forward to progressing in the gospel. The only reason why we are teaching them now is because a Member opened there mouth and talked. Funny how that works even as a missionary. Everything is going awesome and yesterday a member told us that we only have 9 Fridays tell Christmas. Holy crap. Time goes by

way to fast. I almost fell over when I heard that. But working hard and pushing this work forward as best as I can.


Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Monday, October 13, 2014

Back to 4

Well I am transferred since it has been two weeks since I wrote last. All is well here in Ohio. I came to my area Called Ashland Bike. Yes I am in a biking area, which is fun and hard at the same time. 

My address is:
 325 apt A Hillcrest Dr. 
Ashland, OH 44805

So that is the address to send mail to. I have to laugh I have been in a car for so long that my feet became tender and I got blisters really bad. So probably by the end of this area I will have calist feet. Well that is what I am hoping for. Since I have been here I have three baptismal dates and working on getting this area ready for more work to move forth. The first is a guy Named Jacob. He had a date for the eleventh but didn't finish the lessons so he has a date for Oct 25 and so far he is on track for it. The next is a couple that has a desire to be baptized and their last names are the Bornes. They have a date set for Nov 22 I think. It is a Saturday that week. We are working and getting things ready for that. My Companions name is Elder Wray (R-a-y). I am in a apartment of four and working on getting work done. I am emailing in a coffee shop this week and that is an interesting experience. But I hate the smell of Coffee, it smells horrible. Not a good smell. I have to go because I am in a coffe shop. So Love you all and write me. I will answer any questions that anyone e-mails or mails (may not remember so I will try to email that persons answer back).


Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Sunday, October 5, 2014


September 25, 2014

Well the Gladys Knight Fireside was AWESOME. She has such a great testimony and it got a ton of people to get moving. We even got two new Investigators from it. Doesn't sound like much but with how many people we had go (3) We were super excited to get something. Elder Teh was so cool. I mean oh my Gosh he is sent from the Lord and with all the things he taught us it was so great. The kids hit a little road block and well it went all great. Christian told his Dad he was going on a mission, and he wasn't to happy to hear that. So a little hick up, but the Lord will make things happen. ​Well that is not stopping us. We have set a date for October 3​. Christian is thinking that it will happen. So I am putting a ton of faith that this is happening.  The two new investigators are ones that we have no idea who they were. So we got people that we never new about. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you We had BED BUGS.......GRRRRR. I hate those stupid critters. They are very nasty and ugly.

September 29, 2014

It's from Harry Potter
Well things here have been good. So it had its up and its down. Sadly no our bed bugs are not gone and we have to get an exterminator. The way you get bed bugs is if you go into someones home and they have them. So they latch on to you and get in your home. So as you know we missionaries go every where and anywhere.

So the umbrella picture was taken because I found Diagon Alley. If you dont get my reference ask neal. It looked pretty funny.

 I got the hole in my pants and will it is from working to hard so I had to buy me new pants. We are doing really great on investigators. We are now teaching ten investigators. No one close to baptism yet but they are coming along. The Harris are close but no cigar. They will have to wait tell next year to be baptized in Utah probably. So they will do that next June.... Not much else is going on. Four days isn't long enough for a long letter. But Watch General Conference it should be super good.

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Monday, September 15, 2014

Huge Huge Accomplishment

Well I have had a really great week. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. We have as a mission completely run out of tickets for Glady's Knight. Huge Huge Huge accomplishment. We even still have a waiting list of (last time I checked) over 500 people still wanting to get into this Fireside. So Yahoo. Also, just as info, I found out that a friend of mine was just baptized. His name is Lorenzo Dudley. He was a friend that played basketball with me. So super excited to hear that he was Baptized. We are also working great out here to. We are so close with the Harris's. We have just finished teaching them and now is the test. So wait tell next week to get a response. We then have worked with Airiel and now getting her to come to church. That is the next step. After that we have been getting the ward bigger slowly but surely. That is all but great news. For me at least. 

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Monday, September 8, 2014

Crazy...Busy....Work is true!!

September 2, 2018

Well I have transfer information.........and I wont tell, tell the end of my letter. So you will have to read it to find out what happens. Well this week was a blast. We have now had training on Glady's Knight to know now what to do. Everything is awesome. We are like pushing this fireside so hard and getting people to come to it that we want them to have to come back next year and do another performance to fit everybody in. But that is like our busy life now. We also have Elder Teh coming the week after Glady's Knight comes. So when I mean busy I mean busy. We also have to prepare for him to come and that is nuts. Also when Glady's Knight comes. The following week after. I wont be having Preparation day tell Thursday the 25, So if you dont get an email from me on the Monday dont worry I have forgot about you but I have just been busy doing things for the week. So to update you on all that has been going on. The Harris are moving along they are almost done teaching. Now we just have to finish it up and get the permission. We found a new investigator that is really cool. I think that it is cool because she is real committable and willing to change. Her name is Airiel (Ariel). So cool things there. So if you havent figured out by now I am staying. haha. It is really cool that I am. I thought for sure that I was leaving. But other things Heavenly Father has in mind for me. haha. 


September 8, 2014

Well another week has gone by in the OCM. Crazy with transfers and basically a whole new district and with all the buzz we have been keeping extremely busy.

Gladys Knight has pretty much been filled up and there are limited seats left. Which means that they may just have to come back next year and do the fireside again.
Yesterday we had Stake Conference. I like it, but I prefer Church because then I can relax a little bit and be the one taught instead of teaching all the time. But I did love it.

So let me tell you about the rest of the month for me. This week is our prep week. Next week is Gladys Knight, The following week is Elder Teh, the following week General Conference, Then the following week is prep for transfers and then the week after that Transfers. So much going on. This is going to be a fast transfer. So a lot going on. 

So for Christmas gift, Already going to make a list for people to know what they want to send me. Church socks(especially), ties (remember cant stand out and no People or characters on the tie), dress slacks (Get a 34 to 36 waist and 36 length). Because people always ask me what to get for Christmas and I am just asking for the basics (well for a missionary).

Everyone is doing great here. We almost have the Harris ready for baptism. They are right there. We have all but four things we need to teach them. We also have picked up a few new people and they seem really solid. There names are Airiel and Stephen. They are a couple and they are interested in changing their lives. So great things there. We also have been getting in with a bunch of less active people that we never get in with before. So the work is picking back up. 

The work is true and everyone needs to be apart of this great work. You won't know unless you live it. Blessing do come and they come because we have a Father that is in Heaven that cares about us and wants us to change. That is what he cares about. Love this work and seeing more and more of a difference in how I am changing and it is spectacular.
Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Monday, August 25, 2014

14 What ?????

Well time sure flies with all the months coming by (14 months out in the mission field).

So this week has been good. All the crazy things just keep coming up. All of life's fun trials just keep on coming. Like for example Nothing that we had planned at all this week went according to plan. Pretty much every scheduled appointment this week got canceled, and then we moved people, then we went on a lot of exchanges.

Everything is just great. We have to work our way through trials and tribulations. Sooner or later things will turn for the better. We are still teaching the Harris's and they are doing awesome. So much coming about with them that it is insane.

We have Gladys knight coming for all you Old people. I guess she was big way back in the day.

So cool things for us to experience. Love you all!!

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug Aug Aug

Elder Peterson and Elder Gates

Just another day in the Ohio weather. Have had so much rain that every week has had at least 2 to 3 inches of water probably a lot more then that. But just working as usual. Tracking, stopping bye, and the majority doing service for the community to get our name out there. We have to keep pushing because the message is true. Our work will reach out to the world because it is pressed forward by God. 
The people we are working with are still working on getting ready for Baptism. Almost there. Just a few tweeks and turns and shifts that the Lord will make, will be what makes this baptism possible. Other then that no one new to talk about yet. 
Have only like two and a half weeks left of this transfer. It is way fast. I will admit there are down times but you just have to keep pushing forward I just don't like to let those times show. Because it is not worth the time and energy to let me mope and complain. When I can do so much more outside. But I do love this work.

"Liked what it said"
Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Heart is full...

Well things have been going great. There just has been tons and tons of rain over and over. Just an extremely wet year. Never have I seen so much rain. But things here have been Great. I have my new companion who is Elder Gates. Who I was with in the MTC. Really a weird but great surprise. I saw him and Elder Clement that day. I was like wow what just happened. So now I am just working with him now teaching Caitlyn, Brooke and Daniel. They are really coming along real great. So ready they just need to finish the lessons and work on the Dad and they can get baptized. So right there. Then we are just doing a lot of tracking, stopping by and more tracking.
That is our week nothing new.

Mom:   Carly H. put her mission papers in she should be getting her call this week. I told her mom to let me know were she is going, then I will let you now. All these people that are leaving. Dad talked to Shalai M. and she is really excited to be leaving. It is not to far away, August 20th.

Elder Peterson:    Wow it is so amazing how the Lord works. There are so many people that are going out on missions. My heart is full. We are all being called of God. How Great is this work. When people say that this gospel is not true I look back on when Saul who became Paul and became one of Gods greatest missionaries in its time. Baptizing thousands and against all odds even going tell death. Even that did not stop him. Why are we then so hesitant to follow what God has asked us to do. I have no idea. He needs more then my old self. It also is amazing. People don't know what they are missing tell someone introduces someone to the gospel. I mean I have seen miracle after miracle and it just takes an invitation.

Missionary/Member Ninja's
Elder Peterson, Christian, Elder Betzold

Elder Peterson at your service!!

Elder's P-day fun day

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Faith, Dedication, Work....and Forgiviness

Well transfers are here even though I am having a really hard time believing that the time I have spent with Elder Betzold has come so fast and now it is time for us to part ways. He has been called to be a zone Leader in I don't know which zone. But I will be going up and hanging out with him to the end. 

Elder Betzold
"Awesome Companion"
The people that we have been teaching is actually the Harris family with the Dad. One of the daughters asked the Dad if he would at least take the discussions from us and he said yes. Which came as a complete astonishment to us (for sometime he has not wanted to hear the discussions). So now we are teaching him with his family and going over what we believe. He already told us that he doesn't want to change, but that's what every person says until they apply the gospel. Then they find what true happiness is. Because this is not just another church, this is Christ church and that is what makes our message so hard to believe. Because it takes a lot of Faith, Dedication, Work, and a lot of Forgiving others of there wrong doings. So that is what the Dad will come through understanding the gospel and recognizing the Holy Ghost. But they are investigators.

We also have been getting referrals from Mercedes (she was baptized a few months ago) and they look really promising. They want to come to church and see what it is all about, because they are not happy with there church. So God's blessing us. I thank him so much for all he does.
Love you all. 

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Here are some fun pictures of Elder Peterson hanging out with the dinosaur on a rainy/clear day.

Ta-Da I got to touch the dinosaur!!! 

(Getting totally wet while doing it). 



                  Run Elder, Run!!!

Always loved dinosaurs growing up.

Hang'in out with this lovely creature.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great Week....!!

Well this past week has been awesome. We have been working hard on preparing for Christian's baptism and well...... It happened. 
Elder Betzold, Christian, Elder Peterson
June 9, 2014

He was baptized at 6:30 yesterday my time. It was such a spiritual moment. I have never been so close as that to crying. Because of the Journey that it has taken to get Christian to this point

I love working and to add great news on top of that, we meaning Elder Betzold and I are staying together another Transfer. Heck yes. We were both really excited about that.

We have so much to do that I can't wait to get going again. We also have a potential of baptizing three more people in the month. But these baptism have to come through Heavenly Fathers work not ours.

We have been working hard and trying to find new people because it is all coming together real shortly. 

We have two new investigators, one being a former college football player (wide receiver) for Cincinnati university. The other I have not met yet because they got him on exchanges on Sunday so I have not had a chance to meet him yet. But I am enjoying all the work I have been doing.
The greatest thing about coming out on a mission is you come to know Christ. Even if you don't know how, you put everything on the line. Your joys, your sorrows, your life. The new youth theme song "Come Unto Christ" really hits it on the spot. Christ is the one waiting. He brings us back to Him. He heals me in my frustration. He know me. He Knows ME!!!
I love how much people change. They change because of the Love of Christ. LOVE. That is the key to Jesus Christ. Once you love your family and friends, you want to bring them back. That is why I now do this work.

Love with Deep Desire,

Elder Peterson

P.S. The Weather has been humid and rainy and hot. That is the only way that I can put it. khaha

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Elder Holland, Baptism, Zone Conference "Great Week"

Well things here have been chaos. We have Elder Holland coming which ia a big priority. This past week we had our Zone Conference also a baptism. Our potential investigator didn't work out he flamed us (dissapointed look) but thats missionary life. You get people and lose people just as fast. But the key is to just keep on working, because sooner or later people will except the gospel, only if the seed was planted. So that is what you need to look at while serving. Baptisms do come but not all at once, work is required!
Elder Betzold, Mercedes, Elder Peterson

Love you, Elder Peterson

Last week was a great week. We just had Elder Holland come and talk to us. He is a really short guy. A lot shorter then I was picturing him. haha. It was really cool to shake his hand and met him in person.But man does that man know how to Talk. He's words were also very inspiring.He told us as missionaries that we are apostles. Not the capital A Apostle with Keys but the lower case a apostle. We have the ability to work and expand Heavenly Fathers Church. We have been working hard at getting better he said but we are still only at 207 degrees (before boiling) we need to move it up to 210 degrees and will boil over because of how many ready people there are. He talked a lot about hastening the work of Salvation. Not just missionary work. But the Hastening of ourselves. If we are not hastening ourselves then we are falling behind and it will be even harder to catch up. That is all from Holland this week I will write more about it later. Then we worked and got closer and closer to getting a new investigator. That is our goal to get at least one this transfer. But Christian our investigator is growing but slowly. He is skeptical that he will get an answer. But he is wanting to get an answer. 
Hanging out with the Llama's
Looking good!!!!

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tracking, Stop byes....baptism

Well you told me to write a letter so I am doing just that. I am writing this in the Harris home. They are a really cool family. They played volleyball with us in the rain. It was a total blast, but sadly my camera's battery died. So no pictures.
But to talk about my past week we had to do a ton of tracking, stop byes and a lot of contacting. We found two really nice potentials. They were all really receptive. In fact we are going to teach one named Quinton. So really excited for that.
Love you, Elder Peterson


Well the Baptism on Saturday was great my companion had to dunk her three times because her dress wouldn't stay down. So we had a double baptism luckily and so the other person baptizing went down and held the dress. It did not do any good for Mercedes because she couldn't move the next day because she has back problems. So we couldn't confirm her tell this week. So good things there.

Sandie:  Sorry to hear about Mercedes back. Hopefully that doesn't discourage her.

Mercedes is not discouraged thankfully. She is even more determined to go next week to get the Holy Ghost. It is actually quite amazing.

Sandie:   Your letter said you got to play volleyball in the rain. Was it a down pour or just enough to make it fun? Does the Harris family have older kids (more your age).

Well the ones in the softball photos (for my birthday) that is the Harris's. The Oldest is Christian (sound familiar) he is nineteen, next is Kateline who is 17, the next is Brooke who is fourteen, and the last is Daniel who is 11. There are two more and one is named Ian Harris who is serving in Provo, he is the second oldest and the other is Alisa and she is the oldest. None are members except their Mom, Alisa, and Ian. Yes it was a downpour, but it was a ton of fun. 

Sandie:    What are your plans for today? More fun and games :)?

We really don't have any plans for today. We are just trying to keep things under control and ready for Elder Holland. 

 Love you got to go

Monday, May 5, 2014

"Finally an update"

The Salsa and the Pickles did survive and boy oh boy was I excited to get them. I mean Wow. I was wanting chips so that I could eat the Salsa. But I have to wait tell today and get some. sad face. Well I definently loved the Salsa. I already ate the Salsa and working on the pickles. My birthday was awesome. I was sick...ugh. But I am way better.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

 I have pictures of us playing softball, well hitting and pitching it was a blast.
 But we finally got a date for Mercedes and that is May 17. So are extremely pumped. We had a really slow week last week with our schedule being empty, so we had to do a ton of finding then usual. Christian is coming along really nicely too. He is becoming more open and now he just has to make the decision. I have not been able to use Preston's testimony yet because it hasn't been the right time, but we are planning on using it in a lesson this week. The Weather here has been the same crazy weather since it became spring and everybody in Ohio is like this is not usual for us to have this crazy weather. Tons of rain and sun in the middle then more rain and sun. Lots and lots of wind.

One minute I am in Ohio and then.......

.......the next thing you know I am in Pennsylvania

 I am at the mercy of the library on when I get on and off.

 Love ya, Elder Peterson

Monday, March 24, 2014

Old area to New Area

My last day with my companions in Kirtland, sad day....but ready for new adventures!!

Elder Moreland, Elder Peterson and Elder Stephenson

I made some great friends in Kirtland. That is why I am friends with them on Facebook.

Do you know Rebecca Thornton? I confirmed her as your friend on your facebook?

Actually I know her really well I absolutely love her Husband Kane Thornton. He is an extremely awesome guy. I told him if he wanted to stay in contact then ask his wife to be friends with me on Facebook.

Elder Peterson and Elder Betzold

I am in an area called New Castle West. It's in the Youngstown zone.

My new address is
611 Creed St 
Struthers, OH 44471 

My Companions name is Elder Betzold (nickname is Elder Pretzel). He is the one who gave himself that nickname because everyone has a problem remembering his last name.

I am in an apartment with only us two Elders and it seems to be really nice that way. The area is definitely warmer then my last area. because I am not even close to the lake anymore and I definitely feel a difference in the weather.

I am totally excited and love my new area. I do have to admit though that living by Kirtland definitely has a lot of perks like the spirit always there. But this area is just as nice.

 II am still in a car using zone. The car we drive is a Subaru Legacy. I actually really love this car and would not mind getting that kind of car to drive when I get home

 We do not have any baptism dates set, but a ton of soon to be baptism dates. Mercedes baptism can happen as soon as she is done with her surgeries. that is the only thing holding her back. She is all set and ready and now just needs to be baptized.

Mom: What are your plans for today?

Elder Peterson: Not much going shopping for three hours enjoying ourself. Being back in a city has been really nice and now I can save money instead of going to just Walmart (which was really expensive). Then my companion and I are going to clean the apartment because my companions old companion was a real messy guy. So we are going to make it tip top shape.

Also I forgot to tell you Jeffrey R Holland is coming to my mission on May 21st along with a person from the quorum of the Seventy. Really excited!!

                           My trainer (Elder Schmidt) is my Zone Leader now and he is in Youngstown.
            I will get to say hi and talk to him every week, so it is going to be a blast having him as a Zone leader.

Love you,

Elder Peterson

Thought for the day: "Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "If you sow a thought, you reap an action. Sow an action and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny."

(Mom saw it on someone's facebook)