Monday, May 5, 2014

"Finally an update"

The Salsa and the Pickles did survive and boy oh boy was I excited to get them. I mean Wow. I was wanting chips so that I could eat the Salsa. But I have to wait tell today and get some. sad face. Well I definently loved the Salsa. I already ate the Salsa and working on the pickles. My birthday was awesome. I was sick...ugh. But I am way better.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

 I have pictures of us playing softball, well hitting and pitching it was a blast.
 But we finally got a date for Mercedes and that is May 17. So are extremely pumped. We had a really slow week last week with our schedule being empty, so we had to do a ton of finding then usual. Christian is coming along really nicely too. He is becoming more open and now he just has to make the decision. I have not been able to use Preston's testimony yet because it hasn't been the right time, but we are planning on using it in a lesson this week. The Weather here has been the same crazy weather since it became spring and everybody in Ohio is like this is not usual for us to have this crazy weather. Tons of rain and sun in the middle then more rain and sun. Lots and lots of wind.

One minute I am in Ohio and then.......

.......the next thing you know I am in Pennsylvania

 I am at the mercy of the library on when I get on and off.

 Love ya, Elder Peterson

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