Friday, February 21, 2014

Temporary move....

First of the week has been  full of hospitals, Doctors appointments, and well more hospitals and Doctors appointments.  My companion Elder Moreland has not been doing well and sadly is in a ton of pain and the mission president was worrying about me and Elder Moreland so he made an emergency exchange with the Zone leaders.  I only had 15 minutes to pack so I am now companions with Elder Anderson.

Also President made me a temporary Zone leader. I have been in the area of Solon for four days and it will be a week on Wednesday. The area is just plain cold, there is nothing more or less then that. I am using computers at the Church in Solon because they have them and well its awesome. I also have been doing Zone leader stuff too.

I did get the Firemen Patches I am so sorry that has been the last thing on my mind right now. When she sent them I just have been extremely busy. The member absolutely loved them and thought it was cool and the winter Olympics patch. Sorry I am just really busy.

I have another Baptismal date that is scheduled and it is in full force. So I have just one thing after another, after another. I am not ungrateful just busy and more busy. I also love the letters Grandma sends me too. I also love the letters the family sends me.

I did get my patriarchal blessing in the mail but I have not been able to read it because it is at the other apartment right now, sad face. 

So I am going to have to get off. I love you all and I hope that you have a great day and a great week. Keep up the great work.

Love you all and hope to get a response from you next week.

Love Elder Peterson

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Artic Blast is back.....the work is progressing

Dear Family,

Having a wonderful cold time here in Ohio. We are having another Artic blast...another below freezing week (next week too). It's been crazy weather. But the work here has been progressing so much that it is awesome. Now that the holidays are over people are starting to let us back in. We in fact as a district have 14 new investigators, which is huge for our week. Two of which are ours and they are extremely interested so we are excited. Even though it is another artic blast our goal is still thirty lessons this week. So work hard and get the benefits, that's what we want.
We are getting people to church slowly, it will come can't force people to do things, which at times you feel something like Grrrr. But the work will move on!

Love, Elder Peterson

January 4, 2014

So I am not transferred and well I am staying here. My companions are not being transferred. But I will have a new companion. awesome huh. The investigators are still going strong and well, we do not have a date for them yet but that is on the agenda. 

My district picture:

                   1st row: Sister Smith, Sister Harrison, Sister Derrick, Sister Smith, Sister Frankenberry
                                       2nd row: Sister Oliver, Me, Elder Richins, Elder Stephenson