Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Well it has been a great week. Still got sick again.....grrr. But we were able to do a lot. We got in with a lot of people who just were always busy and that is always a plus with the Christmas Season. This Christmas we are going to the Crawfords home and I will be skyping there. At 11 to 2 my time (so 9 to 12 your time). Our week this week is also busy. So great things there. We are working with the Bourne's son and he is scheduled for Jan 10 for baptism. Because the Bishop wants to be there for his baptism. Crazy that I am skyping my family already. It does not feel like it has been that long since I have skyped them. haha But not much else to report. I love you all and have a very Merry Christmas.

Elder Peterson

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week before Christmas

Hello everyone Well everything is going well. Just a little sickness and so a little down in the apartment. But other then that all is awesome. Jacob Recieved the Priesthood and Bro Bourne is going to recieve the priesthood this week too. So heck yes. Got a lot of work going on and slowly but surely everything is coming together. Shout out to my Cousin Cameron who is coming home. Which is like oh crap 6 months. But so far so good. It is weird too, because we are having a little warm up over here. So that is a great too. Well that is my report and hopefully in two weeks I will be having another baptism to talk about.

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

O let it be December!!

So this past week I have had a lot going on. Mission Conference was this week and this is my last one...:( but we were able (as a companionship) to get in and visit a lot of people which is a great blessing in the eyes of this area. We are continuing to get people but as always at a really slow pace. But this week we have been able to set up appointments during the week and get things to move great that way. But as a mission we have been able to baptize this year so far over 240 people. Which is  miraculous from were it has been. It makes everyone feel great that this is going super great. Our mission President even cried because this was his last Christmas conference for the mission and he was like you better get the new goals done next year for the new mission president. But it was a very sad but great day. Other then that nothing Exciting. Just for all you weather people. It is a Cool mid 30's and wind chill. Love you

Monday, December 1, 2014

Having a blast!!

Hey hey hey, this is Yo Elder Peterson and well being Cleveland Gangster. Not really horrible at it.
Well Thanksgiving was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Heck no I did not overstuff,I learned my lesson from last year and so I only had 2 1/2 plates instead which was all I ate that day. So my appetite has really been decreasing. I weigh now at260. Which is really awesome. I think that it is more muscle then anything. Because I have stretch marks like on my shoulders just above the armpits. It looks really cool. I am also really steady. It helps because I walk about 10 miles a day and that is my average. So a lot of exercise which I love. 

I know Camerons almost home. AHAHAHAHAH that is bad bad bad. That means That I will be home in six months AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am having a blast out here and getting a whole lot of work done in the OCM. We have been staying busy getting in contact with a bunch of people that we have been trying to get a hold of since I have been here in Ashland. Not much new just have mission conference tomorrow. So that should be a blast. ​But the work here has been increasing. We are getting in contact with people and it is like so cool. It helps to have a comp that is willing to listen and actually work with you. It makes a night and day appearance. I LOVE IT. hahaha Makes time fly by and it helps so much. Again I LOVE IT.  So we are having a valiant time getting things to push forward and it is working. The work just keeps on a moving. So we do have a baptism planned and working towards that. Which is my recent converts son who is a really funny kid. So then we were contacting and then we got referrals. Which is a glorious time to be a missionary. When you get them they are like gold. You love, love , and let me emphasize this LOVE referrals. It makes our work a whole lot easier. Love you all.

Elder Peterson