Monday, December 15, 2014

O let it be December!!

So this past week I have had a lot going on. Mission Conference was this week and this is my last one...:( but we were able (as a companionship) to get in and visit a lot of people which is a great blessing in the eyes of this area. We are continuing to get people but as always at a really slow pace. But this week we have been able to set up appointments during the week and get things to move great that way. But as a mission we have been able to baptize this year so far over 240 people. Which is  miraculous from were it has been. It makes everyone feel great that this is going super great. Our mission President even cried because this was his last Christmas conference for the mission and he was like you better get the new goals done next year for the new mission president. But it was a very sad but great day. Other then that nothing Exciting. Just for all you weather people. It is a Cool mid 30's and wind chill. Love you

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