Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great Week....!!

Well this past week has been awesome. We have been working hard on preparing for Christian's baptism and well...... It happened. 
Elder Betzold, Christian, Elder Peterson
June 9, 2014

He was baptized at 6:30 yesterday my time. It was such a spiritual moment. I have never been so close as that to crying. Because of the Journey that it has taken to get Christian to this point

I love working and to add great news on top of that, we meaning Elder Betzold and I are staying together another Transfer. Heck yes. We were both really excited about that.

We have so much to do that I can't wait to get going again. We also have a potential of baptizing three more people in the month. But these baptism have to come through Heavenly Fathers work not ours.

We have been working hard and trying to find new people because it is all coming together real shortly. 

We have two new investigators, one being a former college football player (wide receiver) for Cincinnati university. The other I have not met yet because they got him on exchanges on Sunday so I have not had a chance to meet him yet. But I am enjoying all the work I have been doing.
The greatest thing about coming out on a mission is you come to know Christ. Even if you don't know how, you put everything on the line. Your joys, your sorrows, your life. The new youth theme song "Come Unto Christ" really hits it on the spot. Christ is the one waiting. He brings us back to Him. He heals me in my frustration. He know me. He Knows ME!!!
I love how much people change. They change because of the Love of Christ. LOVE. That is the key to Jesus Christ. Once you love your family and friends, you want to bring them back. That is why I now do this work.

Love with Deep Desire,

Elder Peterson

P.S. The Weather has been humid and rainy and hot. That is the only way that I can put it. khaha

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Elder Holland, Baptism, Zone Conference "Great Week"

Well things here have been chaos. We have Elder Holland coming which ia a big priority. This past week we had our Zone Conference also a baptism. Our potential investigator didn't work out he flamed us (dissapointed look) but thats missionary life. You get people and lose people just as fast. But the key is to just keep on working, because sooner or later people will except the gospel, only if the seed was planted. So that is what you need to look at while serving. Baptisms do come but not all at once, work is required!
Elder Betzold, Mercedes, Elder Peterson

Love you, Elder Peterson

Last week was a great week. We just had Elder Holland come and talk to us. He is a really short guy. A lot shorter then I was picturing him. haha. It was really cool to shake his hand and met him in person.But man does that man know how to Talk. He's words were also very inspiring.He told us as missionaries that we are apostles. Not the capital A Apostle with Keys but the lower case a apostle. We have the ability to work and expand Heavenly Fathers Church. We have been working hard at getting better he said but we are still only at 207 degrees (before boiling) we need to move it up to 210 degrees and will boil over because of how many ready people there are. He talked a lot about hastening the work of Salvation. Not just missionary work. But the Hastening of ourselves. If we are not hastening ourselves then we are falling behind and it will be even harder to catch up. That is all from Holland this week I will write more about it later. Then we worked and got closer and closer to getting a new investigator. That is our goal to get at least one this transfer. But Christian our investigator is growing but slowly. He is skeptical that he will get an answer. But he is wanting to get an answer. 
Hanging out with the Llama's
Looking good!!!!

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission