Friday, July 26, 2013

Had a weak testimony and now....

Just writing in my free time because Elder Brown is sick and so we are all taking turns staying with him (it's my turn). On p-day we played board games, boy do you realize how much you miss things. If you're busy it doesn't  matter and you don't care.
Funny thing happened on Sunday (that my companion or district won't let me live down) I broke the blender ha ha. All I did wrong was leave a metal spoon and it shot out the bottom. So I had to go buy a new one. Boy, breaking it with a spoon, trying to get iron in my body, the wrong way ha ha.
Can't believe that I have already been out a month. Only 23 more and not enough time. The missionaries say 24 months isn't enough time and I'm beginning to see it ugh.
Everyday I get closer to God, it's so hard to believe. I see everyday what the center of life is and what it is in becoming or striving to be like God. It's amazing how once you realize this, it changes your whole attitude. I thought that I had a testimony, but it was very weak. Now it is becoming much like Christ's testimony and I may not see Him, but I hear Him, I feel Him, and I can't thank my God enough to have sent me here.
To you Mom and Dad. It is something that I see now why it was and still is a blessing in my life. God has something in store for me and I have yet to figure it out. But trusting God that he will guide me to the direct path set out, placed and  pushed to form the man, servant, and tool God needs me to be to do his work.
To Christ, how great Thou art. Teaching, loving, and supporting me in times of hardship and giving me people to become my friends to direct me in the right path to come unto him. Giving me strength to do his work. To all who read, Praise God on all high. Love my Lord, can't wait to serve others and my companion.
As Jeffery R Holland states: "It wasn't easy for the Savior, then why would it be easy for us."

Love, Elder Peterson

Time goes by fast

Been a great week for fishing I see. Go Grandpa, but if I was there I would have caught the 30 lb Mac, ha ha. But anyways, I have caught a terrific sister who's name is Ali. She is so awesome, she does everything we tell her. We want to have her baptized by August 10 -27 we're hoping.
Did you know that there are fireflies and boy are the so cool, I never saw those before.  This area is so inactive and hard to get a hold of people. Just thinking about how I never talk about my companion and roommates .  Elder Schmidt (my companion) is from Logan and played football. He played in the state championship. He is very spiritual, but has a problem at staying focused during study time (he says). Elder Brown is very quiet and boy is he a clean freak. Elder Steele is so funny, he would be a fun companion to have.
My desire grows every week that I have been out. It doesn't even feel like I have been out that long, it will be one month in five days. Boy will I have big thighs from all this biking. This is not easy work. Even though you do get a lot of rejections, for a while it seems like a waste of time, but then you look at the success. Our investigator Ali has been amazing, she's growing so fast. She is ready (even if she may not know it) I see it in her. "We have her baptism set for August 17." Overall, it has been a great mission and more to come, good and bad, it becomes a great learning experience. Biking though has killed my behind. 18 miles worth of riding today, 19 of July, my legs are exhausted. I feel bad for the members and anybody who let's us in, because we sweat so much that it's like we are dripping in water We ring out our clothes and they are drenched. You always feel sticky, which feels weird.

Love, Elder Peterson

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ohio members are awesome

God has talked to me. Not in the way I expected. For Satan is a clever jerk, for he found my weakness. When teaching progressive investigators he filled my mind with doubt and insecurity. For I have been afraid to speak, but know I have learned my role.

Boy does it suck being on a bike, my tush hurts and I rode 30 miles. My new companion Elder Schmit (Sh-m-it) is so dedicated and he is so prepared. He also is a sports fan. His main sports are Football and futball (soccer).

We went tracking and found someone interested on our first day. We will see tomorrow what she says, we also have church. I am in Toledo, Ohio. My address is: 3049 Navarro Unit #F, Oregon, OH, 43616. Oh yeah, we also have to worry about bed bugs ha ha (for you mom).

Well today we started tracking and this is what happened. First we ran into a guy doing his yard, he was so spiritual, he even said that God was in money and gave us a dollar. Thought that was neat. Next we ran into a Vietnam war veteran he does believe in God but believes in no religion. Next was the bible (Greek Mythology) basher (which I mentioned before). It was funny because he wasn't even getting the Greek Mythology right in any way.

The members here though are awesome. They are so missionary minded. This guy named Brother Thomas is so awesome he told us since he's a teacher and doesn't work in the summer, he said to call so that way he can get out of the house.  Then we have the Cross family who gives us food and does what ever they can to lighten our load. We also have someone that helps pay for groceries, great huh.

But boy is it fun (the mission), even though it is slow on investigators.

Love Elder Peterson

Monday, July 15, 2013

Greek Mythology and Christianity

 I have a ton of information to write so I have decided to just send it all in a letter. But I will tell you of one
experience that I have had which is a funny one. So of course you heard of a bible basher, but have you heard of a Greek mythology basher (makes me laugh every time I write this hehehe). Well we went tracking and we decided to stop at a house and they talked to us and said how Greek mythology was the bases of Christianity. Don't ask me how that makes sense but what ever they think about it works I guess. They compared Hercules to Jesus and said how Hercules died for all man kind to be saved. Which in reality Hercules died because his girlfriend accidentally poisoned his cloak thinking that the Centaurs blood would keep Hercules fully indebted to her and never leave her. Hercules only cared about himself. While on the other hand Christ died to save the world, and put all his time and effort to serving others. So My companion Elder Schmit (SH-M-IT) and I laughed so hard because we never heard of that before. Anyways I love you and hope that you will get my letter.

Love I feel from Jesus Christ

This is about the love that I feel from Jesus Christ. This love is so overwhelming that it is hard to write into words. We watched today the Restoration through Joseph Smith. Never in my life has that hit me so hard. It brings me to tears. I have found that God even today symbolizes in Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith is who symbolizes Christ. Just like the lamb to slaughter.
But what hit me even more then that (which happened in Liberty Jail). Feeling all alone and wondering "Where art though God?" Which brought me back to my low points and wondering where is God. Then it hit me as hard as stone. By switching Joseph's name in for mine and saying:
Cody be thou not afraid for your trials are but a small part in time. If thou act well they part then you will be called on high.
Never in my life has something hit me that hard. God is real and now it is hard to deny it. Now I can't deny it. For if I do God would probably smite me down. This makes me want to talk with Christ more. I think I now understand a little bit more on the Gift of discernment.

Love Elder Peterson

Low expectations?

Letters from July 4th and July 6th

I have had the greatest time here at the MTC. My district is one of the best in the whole mission. We are doing great at keeping each other happy.
Elder Gates is very funny, smart, and filthy rich. He told how his family owns a house in Utah, California, and Hawaii. His mom sent him apple cider and homemade cinnamon rolls, very good. Elder Clement is one of a kind, he is ridiculously smart and every thing planned out to the dot. You can't even breath out of sync with his lessons it seems like. But when his not doing lessons, he is a very chilled back guy. Elder Bowden is a football player, but even more a motor bike racer.  My companion Elder Lee is a black man in a white mans body (as he would put it). He is very much white. He is from Sandy, Utah and graduated in 2012 from high school. He is pretty funny. He once made a comment to the teacher (because the teacher always makes fun of us and the teacher didn't know what to say back. This is the story. We finished 30 minutes before class ended and the teacher was talking about his girlfriend and how she never dated before, Then the teacher said how awesome it was to have a girl not date before. Then my companion said, "What because she had low expectation's?" Which was funny because the teacher laughed because it was a good comeback.
Fireworks last night were okay, the one's at Taylorsvile were better.That is one thing I do miss is the parties. But I'm lucky to have a good family here at the MTC. Another thing that I hate is all the Ice cream. It is going to make me fat so I had to stop eating it.

Love Elder Peterson

I have received all the letters. The missionaries in my district were jealous because I received so many at once. Grandma's package arrived and the cookies were delicious.
It has been hard to think of any spiritual experiences, because right now I feel like my brain has been splattered all over because of how much I'm taking in. To Uncle Alex, no the MTC is way better because my campus lets us walk to Jamba Juice. I leave this Thursday, so until I write again.

Love Elder Peterson

Thursday, July 4, 2013

And the teacher suggested what?

Great to talk on e-mail, but better to talk with you in letter. I do now have an extra camera 

card, I got it at the MTC for a discount, along with more stamps.  

My companion is a lot like me by sports and interest. My district is awesome. We are all 

ready by 7:00 a.m. and yes that is even early by MTC standards.  The funniest thing we did 

is raid the kitchen. I took a picture of all the food we took.  The person that even suggested 

it was my teacher,  his name is Brother Eltan. He is hilarious.  We also have another teacher 

and her name is Sister Debou.  Both of them combined make us learn much faster.

My campus is so relaxed and the best part is we only have two to a room, unlike the main 

MTC, which has six to a room. I must have done something right to be here.

I have learned so much about studying and how to receive  revelation from the 

study of the scriptures, it feels so good from doing it, just doing it.

It amazes me how much I have grown since I have been here and the many things that I 

have learned.

Love your son,

Elder Peterson

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Loving the MTC

Received this e-mail letter on Friday, June 28, 2013

Haha, I'm here! My P-day at the MTC are Fridays 

apparently and I just thought I would say hi. My place

 is so awesome, I have my very own apartment

(with my district of course). and I have an awesome

District. their names are Elder Gates (district leader),

Elder Bowden, Elder Clemet, and my companion Elder

Lee (no he is not Asian haha). Besides

that I am having a blast at the MTC, (so

much fun, that I do not miss home right

I have learned so many things, that I

would never done at home, I can't wait to

get to Cleveland.
Until next time, see ya next week on e-mail.
 Love,your son,
Elder Peterson

Called to Serve

Received mission call on Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Opened it up on Saturday, March 23, 2013

Entered the Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 11:45 a.m.
One of the hardest days of my life, but also one of the happiest days.