Monday, September 30, 2013

Not one mouse but two in the house

Doing Great. We had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. To cover everything, I want to start off first saying we went to Tony Packos. Your probably wondering what the heck is that. Well, it is a very famous hot dog restaurant. (suppose to be, but I didn't know that either). But I guess a ton of celebrities come and sign a hot dog, even Mitt Romney signed one.

(Sister Cross, one of the members told me (Mom) about this restraunt on facebook) "Tony Packos hot dog restaurant is very famous. Klinger from MASH made it that way. Jamie Farr took his history and put it right into the TV show. The Mud Hens baseball team is real, and they are the ones that the Detroit Tigers pull from when they need someone. When you walk into Tony Packos, you walk into a cool place with stained glass chandelieres hanging all around. They use to have the dresses that Klinger wore on M.A.S.H...but not any longer. They have hot dog buns under glass hanging all over the walls. Famous people that come to town always go there and they sign a hot dog bun. Presidents, country singers, actors and politicians are imortalized in 'buns'." LOL

Poor little mouse

Then we had a mouse we went and set traps. Last Thursday is when we caught not one but two mice...that was crazy.

Then I got my package on Saturday, which was helpful, because it is getting colder by the day. Then we met with Chewy ( who got a job), he thanks the Lord for that. He is ready to come back even though he doesn't feel worthy.

Doesn't this look fun!!!

Next we got stuck by a took over an hour and ten minutes. During that time we got a text from our investigator who just flat out told us he did not want to believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. So we just lost our only investigator. But hopefully with this referral we just got it will work out.

We've just been flamed again

Love Ya, Elder Peterson

P.S. Dad, I love this pencil and pen set you gave me.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Magnificent Talk

P-day today and now it's time to reflect over the week. Elder Bowen came on Wednesday and his talk was magnificent. His talk was on our spiritual identity. He taught us that the abrahamic covenant  was set up even before Abraham came to earth. He taught us that it is important to gather Israel to partake of the covenant, which is through the members.
He also taught that it is essential for everyone even members to have a testimony centered on the Book of Mormon. He said the reason most people fall away is because they don't have a solid foundation in the Book of Mormon. So everything else they learned can be proven false, or easily persuaded from the gospel. He even promised us that if we introduced people to the Book of Mormon and say that's how we are different then any other church. I thought it was really cool how he said that women complained about not getting the priesthood, and in reality they do have the priesthood power. They can only access it through  their husbands and fathers and other men through the church. He told us without women the priesthood would not exist. I thought that was cool.
Love, Elder Peterson

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Service is our play time....

Having a blast out here, we have done service most of the time. That seems to be our play time. Serving others is so much funner then tracking. Anytime we get the opportunity we take it.

We have found a less active member that is really willing to come back to church. His name is Chewy, well actually that's his nick name. He has been so willing, that he found us instead of us finding him.

Our investigator is Dave G. His baptism date if set for 19 October. He see's Gods work in his life. So he is grateful for everything.

Love you guys,

Elder Peterson

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dogs...Cars watch out for both

Having a great time with the mission. I finally am forgetting the worldly things and doing what God is  telling me. Funny how things become less important with serving.
Well we had our first scare when tracking. We went up to the door and knocked. We heard howling and we were like, "Oh great". Then all of the sudden three Pit bull's came rushing out. At first my thoughts were run away. but I then thought that there was no way I could out run them, so we stayed put. After, we found out they were actually really nice dogs.
Next we don't have much except warning for all bikers, watch out for cars because they never watch out for you. Elder Schmidt almost got plowed over and me almost tee boned, luckily they saw us. I know I shouldn't say these things, but I tell everything.
Some spiritual experiences, we decided to go stop by with some less actives. We found a member that moved from California. He wanted to get his life back in order and come back to church. The reason why it's spiritual is because I decided to go to the less active early, he then decided to come out too, and we then met up.

Love always,

Elder Peterson

Everyone sick but me ... letter tells it all

Having a great time at school and work (yes mom that includes home as work)? Well I'm having a more full time job. I work over 72 hours a week, but it comes by so fast, I mean August is now over and September is now beginning. How about that! Elder Schmidt was sick, upsetting because it sucks to stay in the apartment.  We have a lot of fun messing around on our down time, we do funny pranks on each other.
Sister Cross is the one who has taught me how to make egg rolls, whip creamy honey mustard, and banana cream pie. This is the second day writing this letter, and I am so bored. Everyone in my apartment is sick and of course I am the only one not sick. Let me tell you studying and watching gospel video's can only get you so far. I mean I played scrabble and took a picture of me doing it, that's how bored I got. Also you should mail me my risk game or give me some of my other games so I can play them in times of sickness or  p-day. The only thing I can't have is card games. Man I can't believe I just really asked that. I got so bored I found out how many letters it takes to write in my two years. 105 letters and I'm at 95 letters to go, this is my 11 letter to you guys (also that's how many weeks there are left in my mission). Lot's of weeks, but they go by quickly (except when you are stuck inside with three sick people.) I have decided to send you guys a package once a year with presents and the next package will come when I have ten months left. How about that?
Don't forget about me, even though school started, I mean I'm still here and I will always need letters.

Love you guys,

Elder Peterson

P.S. No spiritual experiences this letter because sickness kills everything. Grrrrr.....