Thursday, September 19, 2013

Magnificent Talk

P-day today and now it's time to reflect over the week. Elder Bowen came on Wednesday and his talk was magnificent. His talk was on our spiritual identity. He taught us that the abrahamic covenant  was set up even before Abraham came to earth. He taught us that it is important to gather Israel to partake of the covenant, which is through the members.
He also taught that it is essential for everyone even members to have a testimony centered on the Book of Mormon. He said the reason most people fall away is because they don't have a solid foundation in the Book of Mormon. So everything else they learned can be proven false, or easily persuaded from the gospel. He even promised us that if we introduced people to the Book of Mormon and say that's how we are different then any other church. I thought it was really cool how he said that women complained about not getting the priesthood, and in reality they do have the priesthood power. They can only access it through  their husbands and fathers and other men through the church. He told us without women the priesthood would not exist. I thought that was cool.
Love, Elder Peterson

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