Friday, September 6, 2013

Dogs...Cars watch out for both

Having a great time with the mission. I finally am forgetting the worldly things and doing what God is  telling me. Funny how things become less important with serving.
Well we had our first scare when tracking. We went up to the door and knocked. We heard howling and we were like, "Oh great". Then all of the sudden three Pit bull's came rushing out. At first my thoughts were run away. but I then thought that there was no way I could out run them, so we stayed put. After, we found out they were actually really nice dogs.
Next we don't have much except warning for all bikers, watch out for cars because they never watch out for you. Elder Schmidt almost got plowed over and me almost tee boned, luckily they saw us. I know I shouldn't say these things, but I tell everything.
Some spiritual experiences, we decided to go stop by with some less actives. We found a member that moved from California. He wanted to get his life back in order and come back to church. The reason why it's spiritual is because I decided to go to the less active early, he then decided to come out too, and we then met up.

Love always,

Elder Peterson

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