Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oops, messing around....no more!!!

Do I have a story to tell you. First off... I made a huge mistake and injured myself in the process.

Six Stiches

I jumped on the back of a car haha (it was a members car) and went through the window, not funny, I was so mad at myself. I had to go to the hospital and well get six stitches in my hand. I did how ever get to see the inside of my hand. I took a picture of my injury so You can look at it.

You can see the pain in his face :)
So lesson learned no more horsing around and I did get to talk to mission headquarters and well yeah. Yes, they had a talk with me, and no they were more worried if I was okay. The member actually was more worried about me because they to was messing around with me.I do get them out maybe (if I am lucky) this week, but for sure next week. I learned my lesson, everything is taken care of and no more horsing around. So that has been my week in pain and boy does it hurt. I never had to take so many pills at one time before. I have to take 8 Aleve for the pain.

I am not being transferred but sadly my comp is being transferred. So I will be staying in my area for now. It takes forever to type.

I absolutely love the presents, I am on the Donuts right now. So yeah. Can"t wait tell day eight because its a ball of some sort... that is all I can pick out of it. I will Skype you and I will call you/email you when I have a specific time. Sorry I am trying to be prepared but I need to talk to the people that are in charge of us. So Sorry I am really trying but this week has not been the best.

My District

               1st row: Sister Harrison, Sister Smith, Sister Smith, Sister Jones, Sister Frankenberry
 2nd row: Sister Newren, Sister Gee, Sister Oliver, Elder Richins, Elder Tam, Elder Flynn, and Me (of course)

Until next week....... Felis Navida, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!  Looking forward to talking to the family.

Love,  Elder Peterson

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Conference "Awesome"

Well I did get Grandma's package and I forgot that it was a Christmas Present and well I opened it haha. I loved everything inside of it.

My week has of Course been busy. We had a Christmas Conference and that was totally awesome. Well it was awesome because we gathered (the whole mission) in the Kirtland Temple. Which there never has been that big of a group since it was first built. We sang the Spirit of God and it sounded awesome. We also sang a lot of Christmas songs. 

Well, we dropped six investigators because mainly they don't want to change. They were okay with us not coming over so we had to drop them (with our hearts saddened), but you get them just as fast.

Transfers are next week, they are right before the Holidays so that packages can get to the missionaries before Christmas and before they transfer to their new area.

Christmas Conference (Visitor Center - Kirtland)

Different Nativity scenes from different countries

I am looking forward to talking with you. Just gets me more excited every time I think about it.


Elder Peterson

Monday, November 25, 2013

Amish country....Awesome

November 20 & 25, 2013 (two letter's combined)

Everything is going awesome. First the transfers. We got a new Elder and he is pretty funny. His name is Elder Richins. He is from Ogden, Utah. 
We just had investigator appointments and they all went through. But no investigators went to Church. The thing that is frustrating is not getting people to church that you invited. So frustrating, we have to keep moving them back because it takes time and commitment to come to church. So we have to wait tell they are committed and following through before we actually baptize, who knows it works to be patient. 
Well, I sort of forgot it was Neal's Birthday last week. So I will get him something. Also can you send me my hat that Aunt Wendy made for me with the beard.
Yes happy Thanksgiving. I will probably be a hundred pounds heavier. I have five dinners, my comp set them up and well I don't know how on earth I am going to do it.

Hey I am uploading some photos, and yes some of them are Random. The reason is the Sisters had my Camera and took pictures and well they are really random.  The Sisters that camera napped my camera is Sister Jones and Newren,

Then we decided to tape myself up and that was really funny.

Elder Peterson

Then we went to Amish Country with a senior couple and it was really awesome. 

You see a carriage on the road and its like what the Crap. 

Elder Flynn, Elder Tam, Elder Richin, Elder Peterson

We went to the Amish country because the Senior couple did it for fun and they paid for the food and everything, it was awesome. The Amish also cook really good food.

Looking forward to talking with you guys in about four weeks.It's already that time....Christmas time to remember Christ and all we are thankful for him doing for us.

Love, Elder Peterson

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bonfire.....helps with investigators

So transfer number 4 is right around the corner, it starts next week and it has been non-stop moving. We had a bonfire this past Friday. The Bonfire was an organized activity to bring members and Investigators to an activity that was non threatening to make each other more comfortable. It was at a members house, Brother Simmons.

Elder Peterson, Elder Flynn, Elder Tam, Elder Backer

The bonfire turned out great because we finally got investigators to Church, it helps to have nonthreatening activities.

Why is everyone else wearing a jacket or a coat and you're not?

Elder Peterson, Elder Tam
Elder Tam leaves the week before Christmas.

Well you know me, no brain no pain. The cold doesn't affect me.

But I have been wearing one recently just so that I don't get sick.

Sister Rigby, Sister Gee

Most of the people we are teaching right now I did not help find them they had them before I came. But I will tell you about some investigators that we do have:

1. Harold: he is was RLDS and is searching for the truth. He has a baptismal date for Dec 14 and is working extremely hard to reach it.

2. Carmen: She has no religion and is wanting happiness. She has a date for Nov 30 and right now may have to push it back because she went into the hospital. She is a terrific lady and is very open to everything that we have to say. She really wants to be baptized and be apart of the church.

So far as a missionary I have not had to do any talks and lessons (knock on wood). I have had to share a few things... but overall I have just been a normal missionary.

First snow it here and well it's snow!!! 
 Yes we do have snow that finally sticks. It has been in the lower 50's upper 40's right now, but I think it is in the
thirties because of the snow sticking.

Love, Elder Peterson

Monday, November 4, 2013

Riding through the rain...

Great times this week with everyone. The hardest thing this past week was not having a car to travel in. It was damaged, even before I got here. My comp and his trainer damaged it. So it was a long week worrying about rides, but we did have a great time (for example). We get so much stinkin rain its horrible. you get like 12 inches and it pours and pours and pours. I had to bike it because my comp and Elder Baker have to go help the sisters every Saturday and well that's when the rain decided to pour. Elder Tam and I just got soaked and it was cold, the rain was merciless. We had to go home and take a shower because you froze. Then we had to dry our clothes out and well that took a day to do. Rain coats did nothing because there was so much water. Funny how that works. But it was fun to ride in though because we never had to complain about getting thirsty.
President Vellinga was here giving interviews this week. He has helped me immensely. I had a few concerns and I addressed them to him and he then gave me a few things I can do to become a better missionary.That was my most spiritual moment.
We have seven baptismal dates and twenty four investigators, so it's an awesome place to be right now. So this week is turning out to be awesome.
For Halloween all we did was our weekly planning, then party. I guess because we can't do anything else really.
Elder Peterson, Trey, Hali, and Elder Flynn

Until next time,

Love, Elder Peterson

Two of our baptisms in October

They are fourteen and are very excited to join.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Kirtland tour....baptisms

Having a blast here in Kirtland. The sites are so amazing and spiritual. Our investigators felt the spirit and even opened up to us. This was a definite spiritual growth.
I did get sick with stupid stomach problems. So I spent two days down. But I fought to get out because a prefer not to stay in the apartment. I could not stand it even though I slept the two days.
Elder Ballard came and he was awesome and like totally rebuked the members and he even rebuked my old life. He said we are needing better members, you can't sit on the lines no more. You are either in or out. That was an exhilarating experience. I think that once the members are not scared to invite people to church, the missionaries and the church would actually grow faster. I know I wasn't the best at this, but I now see the importance of it. Just a food for thought.
Well I love questions...We have 7 baptismal dates (hopefully 9 by the end of this week). Yes, the baptism went great, but we still need to get the baptism papers finished. We are making progress with all of our investigators. We finally broke through with one of our investigators. It took my comp almost three months to finally get through to him. So huge progress there.

Elder Flynn, Elder Peterson and Tam

Sister Jones , Elder Tam and Elder Baker

We are doing a service project and having fun as we do it.

Elder Flynn in my companion and is very dedicated to his work.
Elder Tam is half Chinese and loves football. He is almost done with his mission.
Elder Baker is from Georgia. He has a southern accent and he is the spanish speaking missionary.
That's all for now.

Love, Elder Peterson

Monday, October 14, 2013

"The Work is Booming"

Just got moved to Kirtland area and it is a blast. The work is booming....we have now nine baptismal dates (two dropped us today). Being with Elder Flynn has taught me a lot. He has taught me to be persistent, hopeful and to have faith in and with the investigators. I have tended to lose faith in people because of how unreliable they were in my last area. This is a hard lesson to learn. I tend to doubt were faith cannot dwell. You see how you fall and then you don't stop tell your at a dead spot. Sometimes you wonder why is it so hard, why do every investigator you teach seem to notice the truth but slips away not believing. But you then look forward and see how much work needs to be done. You cry at night for your investigators, only for them rejecting the gospel that will truly bless their life. At least we have a baptism in two weeks. Their names are Hali and Troy. They are fourteen and are very excited to join. Talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Peterson

Monday, October 7, 2013

Loving new area

Hey Mom,

Its me and I have my new address and here it is:

6720 Creekside Drive Unit C
Madison, OH 44057

Yes, this area is great. This area is also booming with people to be baptized. We have right now Eleven people with Baptismal dates, 22 investigators, and 15 Potential investigators. That is still not enough my companion says, who's name is Elder Flynn. To me I was like holy crap and wow I am grateful to have these investigators. It sure is a blessing. 

A thought for you Dad ..... I am back in business, hehe. I am having a blast here in my new area and the area I am in is Kirtland. How about that... but I still cant go and take a tour, but I think it is so awesome that we are so close and it is so spiritual. We are really looking forward to moving forward. I came from one side of the spectrum of not having any investigators to having 22 investigators and 11 of those are with baptismal dates.

Love you and hopefully talk to you in a little bit

Last P-day In Toledo

Golfing Pro :)

We thought that for my last P-day we would go do some golfing.

Taken it easy

Taken it easy in the golf cart enjoying my last day in Toledo.

Great Elder's to be with

Next stop was the beach. Great bunch of Elder's

Elder Schmidt and Elder Peterson

For the past few month's I have worked with a great companion. I am grateful for all that he taught me.

July 12 - October 2, 2013

Elder Peterson where are you??

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Being Transferred ....Where?

Yeah well... the information is that I am being transferred and I have no idea were the heck I am going so you will have to sit tight and wait for that, so you may want to tell the Grandparents not to send letters tell you get an address. But this week actually has picked up and we have a new investigator called Toa (well use to be my investigator). Then we also had Less actives come too which is a big step. So we are going golfing today and then go to the Cross's for dinner for the last time.

Love Elder Peterson

Monday, September 30, 2013

Not one mouse but two in the house

Doing Great. We had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. To cover everything, I want to start off first saying we went to Tony Packos. Your probably wondering what the heck is that. Well, it is a very famous hot dog restaurant. (suppose to be, but I didn't know that either). But I guess a ton of celebrities come and sign a hot dog, even Mitt Romney signed one.

(Sister Cross, one of the members told me (Mom) about this restraunt on facebook) "Tony Packos hot dog restaurant is very famous. Klinger from MASH made it that way. Jamie Farr took his history and put it right into the TV show. The Mud Hens baseball team is real, and they are the ones that the Detroit Tigers pull from when they need someone. When you walk into Tony Packos, you walk into a cool place with stained glass chandelieres hanging all around. They use to have the dresses that Klinger wore on M.A.S.H...but not any longer. They have hot dog buns under glass hanging all over the walls. Famous people that come to town always go there and they sign a hot dog bun. Presidents, country singers, actors and politicians are imortalized in 'buns'." LOL

Poor little mouse

Then we had a mouse problem...so we went and set traps. Last Thursday is when we caught not one but two mice...that was crazy.

Then I got my package on Saturday, which was helpful, because it is getting colder by the day. Then we met with Chewy ( who got a job), he thanks the Lord for that. He is ready to come back even though he doesn't feel worthy.

Doesn't this look fun!!!

Next we got stuck by a train...it took over an hour and ten minutes. During that time we got a text from our investigator who just flat out told us he did not want to believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. So we just lost our only investigator. But hopefully with this referral we just got it will work out.

We've just been flamed again

Love Ya, Elder Peterson

P.S. Dad, I love this pencil and pen set you gave me.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Magnificent Talk

P-day today and now it's time to reflect over the week. Elder Bowen came on Wednesday and his talk was magnificent. His talk was on our spiritual identity. He taught us that the abrahamic covenant  was set up even before Abraham came to earth. He taught us that it is important to gather Israel to partake of the covenant, which is through the members.
He also taught that it is essential for everyone even members to have a testimony centered on the Book of Mormon. He said the reason most people fall away is because they don't have a solid foundation in the Book of Mormon. So everything else they learned can be proven false, or easily persuaded from the gospel. He even promised us that if we introduced people to the Book of Mormon and say that's how we are different then any other church. I thought it was really cool how he said that women complained about not getting the priesthood, and in reality they do have the priesthood power. They can only access it through  their husbands and fathers and other men through the church. He told us without women the priesthood would not exist. I thought that was cool.
Love, Elder Peterson

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Service is our play time....

Having a blast out here, we have done service most of the time. That seems to be our play time. Serving others is so much funner then tracking. Anytime we get the opportunity we take it.

We have found a less active member that is really willing to come back to church. His name is Chewy, well actually that's his nick name. He has been so willing, that he found us instead of us finding him.

Our investigator is Dave G. His baptism date if set for 19 October. He see's Gods work in his life. So he is grateful for everything.

Love you guys,

Elder Peterson

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dogs...Cars watch out for both

Having a great time with the mission. I finally am forgetting the worldly things and doing what God is  telling me. Funny how things become less important with serving.
Well we had our first scare when tracking. We went up to the door and knocked. We heard howling and we were like, "Oh great". Then all of the sudden three Pit bull's came rushing out. At first my thoughts were run away. but I then thought that there was no way I could out run them, so we stayed put. After, we found out they were actually really nice dogs.
Next we don't have much except warning for all bikers, watch out for cars because they never watch out for you. Elder Schmidt almost got plowed over and me almost tee boned, luckily they saw us. I know I shouldn't say these things, but I tell everything.
Some spiritual experiences, we decided to go stop by with some less actives. We found a member that moved from California. He wanted to get his life back in order and come back to church. The reason why it's spiritual is because I decided to go to the less active early, he then decided to come out too, and we then met up.

Love always,

Elder Peterson

Everyone sick but me ... letter tells it all

Having a great time at school and work (yes mom that includes home as work)? Well I'm having a more full time job. I work over 72 hours a week, but it comes by so fast, I mean August is now over and September is now beginning. How about that! Elder Schmidt was sick, upsetting because it sucks to stay in the apartment.  We have a lot of fun messing around on our down time, we do funny pranks on each other.
Sister Cross is the one who has taught me how to make egg rolls, whip creamy honey mustard, and banana cream pie. This is the second day writing this letter, and I am so bored. Everyone in my apartment is sick and of course I am the only one not sick. Let me tell you studying and watching gospel video's can only get you so far. I mean I played scrabble and took a picture of me doing it, that's how bored I got. Also you should mail me my risk game or give me some of my other games so I can play them in times of sickness or  p-day. The only thing I can't have is card games. Man I can't believe I just really asked that. I got so bored I found out how many letters it takes to write in my two years. 105 letters and I'm at 95 letters to go, this is my 11 letter to you guys (also that's how many weeks there are left in my mission). Lot's of weeks, but they go by quickly (except when you are stuck inside with three sick people.) I have decided to send you guys a package once a year with presents and the next package will come when I have ten months left. How about that?
Don't forget about me, even though school started, I mean I'm still here and I will always need letters.

Love you guys,

Elder Peterson

P.S. No spiritual experiences this letter because sickness kills everything. Grrrrr.....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

P-day / Fun Pictures

What's with the shoe?

Look real close and one of the Elder's has his shoe inside of Cody's shoe. Cody wears a size 15 and the other Elder's shoe is definitely smaller of course. They had a good laugh with this one.

           P- Day Activity

          Let's go golfing!!!

They had a great time on the golf course. Elder Peterson's first time on the regular size golf course.

P-day coming to an end. The next activity is going to be Ultimate Frisbee

This is someones pet Raccoon

            Pretty Cool!!! 

Elder Peterson

Hanging out in the corn field. This goes to show you were there biking takes them, out in the middle of the farm lands.

Elder Schmidt

I spy with my little eye?

$600 Dollars ????
  Elder's new living quarters ha ha

First Baptism

To answer your question about food, yes there is plenty. August is already almost 3/4 of the way over. It is hard to believe  I have gotten this far already. I feel like I have gained ten more pounds in my legs because of how bulky they are getting. Well I will tell you of a few experiences I have had. First, we talked to a Jehovah Witness who explained his religion, I don't agree with it. Next my companion was almost in a fight. We were riding and a drunk guy stopped us and we had a good talk until we got to the trinity. He then got in my companions face and said that what he said is an oxymoron statement. So my comp said that we had an appointment, then hurried off.
Elder Peterson, Alli

First Baptism August 17, 2013
     "Come Follow Me"

Ali's Grandma, Ali, Elder Peterson, Elder Schmidt
2 Nephi 31:4-5; 12; 18; 20

I had an awesome experience while baptizing. The Spirit finally come over me fully. It did in the temple and I seemed to overlook it, but when I did it for someone else I felt overwhelmed and I look back and it now is coming back stronger.  Serving is so much fun.
Glad the baptism is done, because it is stressful. But it is well worth the wait, because of how happy and excited she is.

It is hard to believe that I'm going to be out two months here in a little bit, less than a week in fact, crazy. Also all letters are great to get. Always look forward to them and get excited about any mail I get.  


Elder Peterson

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Apartment

Kitchen Area (of course)

This page is to give you an idea as to why he loves his apartment so much. It is actually a pretty nice place, even though it is in the Ghetto's. 
A long day !!!

Looking down on the Elder's

 They always say riding bikes wears you out, here is the proof.

If it's not riding bikes for most of the day it's taking the stairs. We get our exercise from morning to night.

Kicking back from a long days work. How nice it is to relax!!

This gives you a full length look of what his apartment looks like

Ohio State here I come? 

 We better watch out Elder Peterson may end up heading back to Ohio to go to college. We shall see!!

His pillowcase does have BYU on it!

Elder Peterson converting to Ohio State ???