Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Apartment

Kitchen Area (of course)

This page is to give you an idea as to why he loves his apartment so much. It is actually a pretty nice place, even though it is in the Ghetto's. 
A long day !!!

Looking down on the Elder's

 They always say riding bikes wears you out, here is the proof.

If it's not riding bikes for most of the day it's taking the stairs. We get our exercise from morning to night.

Kicking back from a long days work. How nice it is to relax!!

This gives you a full length look of what his apartment looks like

Ohio State here I come? 

 We better watch out Elder Peterson may end up heading back to Ohio to go to college. We shall see!!

His pillowcase does have BYU on it!

Elder Peterson converting to Ohio State ???

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