Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Transfer's? Winter? Ghetto?

12 July, Friday Kirtland Temlple

12 July, Friday, New Group of Missionaries touring Kirtland

It's great to get letter's, because it's funny how mail is you're life source to figuring out what's going on outside of the missionary world.  To answer Grandma's question, no I did not get to tour Kirtland fully. I only got to see part of it (here are a couple of pictures that I had taken while visiting Kirtland).

The funniest thing is that there is a street called Utah Street, so now I feel right at home ha ha. I am now on my fourth week which is absolutely crazy. If this keeps up I will need to start thinking about my coming home party. ha ha, but that is a scary thought. Only eight weeks with my companion, then transfers, (which stinks), because I have a great companion and love my apartment.

Can't wait for winter because my comp says that it's awesome because of how deep it is. Snowball fights here I come.

Spiritually speaking, our investigator Ali is ready for baptism. Our next investigator is Baptist but very open to learning. He took the Book of Mormon and is going to read it 30 minutes a day, along with another 30 minutes reading in the Bible. He is very open to learning more about Christ. The funny part is we found him by running into him on the sidewalk and he was asking what school do ya all go to? We then answered and said we don't to to a school, we're missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the Mormons. He then said, "Mormons, how many wives do ya all have? That's how it all started.      
Well, can't wait to show you everything. The ghetto has a lot of stories, all I won't tell. But I will say that it is not safe to be out after 8:30 p.m.. But the people here are really nice, love it here (that's Cody for you, positive).  Can't believe a month and a half has already gone by, only one more July left then I go home. Can't believe it.

 Love Elder Peterson
 Scripture he sent home:

 D&C 109:22 And we ask thee, Holy Farther, that [Cody] may go forth from this house armed with the power, and that thy name may be upon [him], and thy glory be round about [him], and thine angels have charge over [him];

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