Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Baptism

To answer your question about food, yes there is plenty. August is already almost 3/4 of the way over. It is hard to believe  I have gotten this far already. I feel like I have gained ten more pounds in my legs because of how bulky they are getting. Well I will tell you of a few experiences I have had. First, we talked to a Jehovah Witness who explained his religion, I don't agree with it. Next my companion was almost in a fight. We were riding and a drunk guy stopped us and we had a good talk until we got to the trinity. He then got in my companions face and said that what he said is an oxymoron statement. So my comp said that we had an appointment, then hurried off.
Elder Peterson, Alli

First Baptism August 17, 2013
     "Come Follow Me"

Ali's Grandma, Ali, Elder Peterson, Elder Schmidt
2 Nephi 31:4-5; 12; 18; 20

I had an awesome experience while baptizing. The Spirit finally come over me fully. It did in the temple and I seemed to overlook it, but when I did it for someone else I felt overwhelmed and I look back and it now is coming back stronger.  Serving is so much fun.
Glad the baptism is done, because it is stressful. But it is well worth the wait, because of how happy and excited she is.

It is hard to believe that I'm going to be out two months here in a little bit, less than a week in fact, crazy. Also all letters are great to get. Always look forward to them and get excited about any mail I get.  


Elder Peterson

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