Wednesday, August 28, 2013

P-day / Fun Pictures

What's with the shoe?

Look real close and one of the Elder's has his shoe inside of Cody's shoe. Cody wears a size 15 and the other Elder's shoe is definitely smaller of course. They had a good laugh with this one.

           P- Day Activity

          Let's go golfing!!!

They had a great time on the golf course. Elder Peterson's first time on the regular size golf course.

P-day coming to an end. The next activity is going to be Ultimate Frisbee

This is someones pet Raccoon

            Pretty Cool!!! 

Elder Peterson

Hanging out in the corn field. This goes to show you were there biking takes them, out in the middle of the farm lands.

Elder Schmidt

I spy with my little eye?

$600 Dollars ????
  Elder's new living quarters ha ha

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