Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oops, messing around....no more!!!

Do I have a story to tell you. First off... I made a huge mistake and injured myself in the process.

Six Stiches

I jumped on the back of a car haha (it was a members car) and went through the window, not funny, I was so mad at myself. I had to go to the hospital and well get six stitches in my hand. I did how ever get to see the inside of my hand. I took a picture of my injury so You can look at it.

You can see the pain in his face :)
So lesson learned no more horsing around and I did get to talk to mission headquarters and well yeah. Yes, they had a talk with me, and no they were more worried if I was okay. The member actually was more worried about me because they to was messing around with me.I do get them out maybe (if I am lucky) this week, but for sure next week. I learned my lesson, everything is taken care of and no more horsing around. So that has been my week in pain and boy does it hurt. I never had to take so many pills at one time before. I have to take 8 Aleve for the pain.

I am not being transferred but sadly my comp is being transferred. So I will be staying in my area for now. It takes forever to type.

I absolutely love the presents, I am on the Donuts right now. So yeah. Can"t wait tell day eight because its a ball of some sort... that is all I can pick out of it. I will Skype you and I will call you/email you when I have a specific time. Sorry I am trying to be prepared but I need to talk to the people that are in charge of us. So Sorry I am really trying but this week has not been the best.

My District

               1st row: Sister Harrison, Sister Smith, Sister Smith, Sister Jones, Sister Frankenberry
 2nd row: Sister Newren, Sister Gee, Sister Oliver, Elder Richins, Elder Tam, Elder Flynn, and Me (of course)

Until next week....... Felis Navida, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!  Looking forward to talking to the family.

Love,  Elder Peterson

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