Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ohio people are awesome!!!

Letter from first week of January

I have been getting a lot of letters and questions on how are the people in Argentina haha, whoops, reading Grandma Petersons letter. Ohio people are awesome because they have treated me like family.
For New Years all I did was sleep. Which is one of the most favorite things to do as a missionary, because of how exhausting the work is. But no complaints. With all the holidays,work has been really slow. We tend to track a lot, which is quite miserable. Snow and cold does not mix well. But thankfully everything has been warmer will all the articles of clothing (gained possesions of gifts given during Christmas) they help so much. So I am truly grateful.
We have a baptism in two weeks. Because I gained one when they combined the areas. So excited for that. Our ward is growing every week. But I do have advice for all....Do your hometeaching and visiting teaching. Because less actives would come back if they had a friend coming to come back with. It's ridiculous, there is now excuse. You should do it more then once a month, otherwise it's not doing what God ask. Then we fail our covenant with God. So no excuses DO IT.

E-mail from last week

 I am doing great. The weather has been a heat storm and well I don't now just a warm 30 degrees (actually mom it got as low as -35 with windchill). So a sixty degree difference sure feels great.  
We have lost contact with Eddy. His roommates said he went out and never came back. So who knows. We actually have had a lot of success in the Spanish side of my area and well I am no help, but we have an investigator there and we also have like five potentials. 
 Transfers are a month away and I am probably for sure being transferred. So excited.  Being in a trio is okay but I don't really like it as much. It's to hard to track and do things like that.As I always say, there is to much spirit on a doorstep when they answer and say no hehe. But I have been here the longest. So that means I will most likely be transferred.  But I truly feel that I am leaving because the work is turning another way for me. I feel it and I know it. I can't explain it, but I know. 
Yarn from a Christmas present
What are you serious, two new films at the temple? And now they make me have to wait for the end of my mission to see them. That is dumb. But if there is one thing that I do regret, is not going to the temple as much as I should have. Man do I miss being around a temple. It's like having a void that can never be filled. I miss it truly. The youth went to the temple this past week and they did not get back tell 10 at night so thats probably why we don't get to go here. For some members it takes two hours to get to church. I definitely will not take for granted what we have in Utah.  Just as home teaching, I regret not doing that as much and complaining. I now see why it is so important. I was being so selfish. Man do I have a lot of regrets at home. I could have done so much more and I didn't. So dumb on my part. I notice all that I didn't do and now I need to change it for the better. I see that now too haha. But I need to go.


                      ELDER PETERSON

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