Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 I will say that it has been absolutely freezing here and we are getting tons of snow I am putting pictures up and you will see them. I am the assigned driver which is awesome. I also drove in my first absolute white out which was totally awesome. I could not see two feet in front of me. I tried to take a picture but it doesnt look that bad haha It was not scary at all driving in the blizzard. I in fact enjoyed it.

Elder Stephenson, Me, Judi, Elder
 Richins, Bro Green. 

               Are you Cold yet?

Everything is going great. We had a baptism this past week. So as a grand total (of what I know) we as a family have helped baptize seven people (don't know about Moms mission), but that's seven people our family has blessed. So great to think about that. We taught this week a grand total of 18 lessons, We have a new family (husband and wife) investigators, we actually just got them from some sisters in the area. They are both nonmember and they are really receptive. We were about to ask when we could come back, when they asked, so wait are you going to come back? haha So awesome when you lose investigators you gain them just as fast (when you work to get them).  And guess what we made a goal as a district of 55 lessons and we exceeded that. We got 61 which is awesome. This week we have a goal of thirty lessons that we want to reach. 
We have three weeks left before transfers. I hope I dont get transferred but I have grown to love the area and that usually means bye bye. The Lord never leaves you in a place to long when you start getting attached to the people.
Today we are going bowling, a ward member is taking us and well I am excited. The Volleyball game was a huge success. Everybody that went enjoyed the whole experience and hopefully it opened a few doors. Also we hope to get at least five lessons today. So excited and we can totally do it. Yes I can do it!!!!  The way is through the Lord. He's the one who guides us to people and the one who touches the hearts of men.

Love, Elder Peterson

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