Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Conference "Awesome"

Well I did get Grandma's package and I forgot that it was a Christmas Present and well I opened it haha. I loved everything inside of it.

My week has of Course been busy. We had a Christmas Conference and that was totally awesome. Well it was awesome because we gathered (the whole mission) in the Kirtland Temple. Which there never has been that big of a group since it was first built. We sang the Spirit of God and it sounded awesome. We also sang a lot of Christmas songs. 

Well, we dropped six investigators because mainly they don't want to change. They were okay with us not coming over so we had to drop them (with our hearts saddened), but you get them just as fast.

Transfers are next week, they are right before the Holidays so that packages can get to the missionaries before Christmas and before they transfer to their new area.

Christmas Conference (Visitor Center - Kirtland)

Different Nativity scenes from different countries

I am looking forward to talking with you. Just gets me more excited every time I think about it.


Elder Peterson

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