Monday, November 25, 2013

Amish country....Awesome

November 20 & 25, 2013 (two letter's combined)

Everything is going awesome. First the transfers. We got a new Elder and he is pretty funny. His name is Elder Richins. He is from Ogden, Utah. 
We just had investigator appointments and they all went through. But no investigators went to Church. The thing that is frustrating is not getting people to church that you invited. So frustrating, we have to keep moving them back because it takes time and commitment to come to church. So we have to wait tell they are committed and following through before we actually baptize, who knows it works to be patient. 
Well, I sort of forgot it was Neal's Birthday last week. So I will get him something. Also can you send me my hat that Aunt Wendy made for me with the beard.
Yes happy Thanksgiving. I will probably be a hundred pounds heavier. I have five dinners, my comp set them up and well I don't know how on earth I am going to do it.

Hey I am uploading some photos, and yes some of them are Random. The reason is the Sisters had my Camera and took pictures and well they are really random.  The Sisters that camera napped my camera is Sister Jones and Newren,

Then we decided to tape myself up and that was really funny.

Elder Peterson

Then we went to Amish Country with a senior couple and it was really awesome. 

You see a carriage on the road and its like what the Crap. 

Elder Flynn, Elder Tam, Elder Richin, Elder Peterson

We went to the Amish country because the Senior couple did it for fun and they paid for the food and everything, it was awesome. The Amish also cook really good food.

Looking forward to talking with you guys in about four weeks.It's already that time....Christmas time to remember Christ and all we are thankful for him doing for us.

Love, Elder Peterson

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