Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bonfire.....helps with investigators

So transfer number 4 is right around the corner, it starts next week and it has been non-stop moving. We had a bonfire this past Friday. The Bonfire was an organized activity to bring members and Investigators to an activity that was non threatening to make each other more comfortable. It was at a members house, Brother Simmons.

Elder Peterson, Elder Flynn, Elder Tam, Elder Backer

The bonfire turned out great because we finally got investigators to Church, it helps to have nonthreatening activities.

Why is everyone else wearing a jacket or a coat and you're not?

Elder Peterson, Elder Tam
Elder Tam leaves the week before Christmas.

Well you know me, no brain no pain. The cold doesn't affect me.

But I have been wearing one recently just so that I don't get sick.

Sister Rigby, Sister Gee

Most of the people we are teaching right now I did not help find them they had them before I came. But I will tell you about some investigators that we do have:

1. Harold: he is was RLDS and is searching for the truth. He has a baptismal date for Dec 14 and is working extremely hard to reach it.

2. Carmen: She has no religion and is wanting happiness. She has a date for Nov 30 and right now may have to push it back because she went into the hospital. She is a terrific lady and is very open to everything that we have to say. She really wants to be baptized and be apart of the church.

So far as a missionary I have not had to do any talks and lessons (knock on wood). I have had to share a few things... but overall I have just been a normal missionary.

First snow it here and well it's snow!!! 
 Yes we do have snow that finally sticks. It has been in the lower 50's upper 40's right now, but I think it is in the
thirties because of the snow sticking.

Love, Elder Peterson

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