Friday, October 25, 2013

Kirtland tour....baptisms

Having a blast here in Kirtland. The sites are so amazing and spiritual. Our investigators felt the spirit and even opened up to us. This was a definite spiritual growth.
I did get sick with stupid stomach problems. So I spent two days down. But I fought to get out because a prefer not to stay in the apartment. I could not stand it even though I slept the two days.
Elder Ballard came and he was awesome and like totally rebuked the members and he even rebuked my old life. He said we are needing better members, you can't sit on the lines no more. You are either in or out. That was an exhilarating experience. I think that once the members are not scared to invite people to church, the missionaries and the church would actually grow faster. I know I wasn't the best at this, but I now see the importance of it. Just a food for thought.
Well I love questions...We have 7 baptismal dates (hopefully 9 by the end of this week). Yes, the baptism went great, but we still need to get the baptism papers finished. We are making progress with all of our investigators. We finally broke through with one of our investigators. It took my comp almost three months to finally get through to him. So huge progress there.

Elder Flynn, Elder Peterson and Tam

Sister Jones , Elder Tam and Elder Baker

We are doing a service project and having fun as we do it.

Elder Flynn in my companion and is very dedicated to his work.
Elder Tam is half Chinese and loves football. He is almost done with his mission.
Elder Baker is from Georgia. He has a southern accent and he is the spanish speaking missionary.
That's all for now.

Love, Elder Peterson

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