Monday, October 7, 2013

Loving new area

Hey Mom,

Its me and I have my new address and here it is:

6720 Creekside Drive Unit C
Madison, OH 44057

Yes, this area is great. This area is also booming with people to be baptized. We have right now Eleven people with Baptismal dates, 22 investigators, and 15 Potential investigators. That is still not enough my companion says, who's name is Elder Flynn. To me I was like holy crap and wow I am grateful to have these investigators. It sure is a blessing. 

A thought for you Dad ..... I am back in business, hehe. I am having a blast here in my new area and the area I am in is Kirtland. How about that... but I still cant go and take a tour, but I think it is so awesome that we are so close and it is so spiritual. We are really looking forward to moving forward. I came from one side of the spectrum of not having any investigators to having 22 investigators and 11 of those are with baptismal dates.

Love you and hopefully talk to you in a little bit

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