Friday, July 26, 2013

Had a weak testimony and now....

Just writing in my free time because Elder Brown is sick and so we are all taking turns staying with him (it's my turn). On p-day we played board games, boy do you realize how much you miss things. If you're busy it doesn't  matter and you don't care.
Funny thing happened on Sunday (that my companion or district won't let me live down) I broke the blender ha ha. All I did wrong was leave a metal spoon and it shot out the bottom. So I had to go buy a new one. Boy, breaking it with a spoon, trying to get iron in my body, the wrong way ha ha.
Can't believe that I have already been out a month. Only 23 more and not enough time. The missionaries say 24 months isn't enough time and I'm beginning to see it ugh.
Everyday I get closer to God, it's so hard to believe. I see everyday what the center of life is and what it is in becoming or striving to be like God. It's amazing how once you realize this, it changes your whole attitude. I thought that I had a testimony, but it was very weak. Now it is becoming much like Christ's testimony and I may not see Him, but I hear Him, I feel Him, and I can't thank my God enough to have sent me here.
To you Mom and Dad. It is something that I see now why it was and still is a blessing in my life. God has something in store for me and I have yet to figure it out. But trusting God that he will guide me to the direct path set out, placed and  pushed to form the man, servant, and tool God needs me to be to do his work.
To Christ, how great Thou art. Teaching, loving, and supporting me in times of hardship and giving me people to become my friends to direct me in the right path to come unto him. Giving me strength to do his work. To all who read, Praise God on all high. Love my Lord, can't wait to serve others and my companion.
As Jeffery R Holland states: "It wasn't easy for the Savior, then why would it be easy for us."

Love, Elder Peterson

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