Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ohio members are awesome

God has talked to me. Not in the way I expected. For Satan is a clever jerk, for he found my weakness. When teaching progressive investigators he filled my mind with doubt and insecurity. For I have been afraid to speak, but know I have learned my role.

Boy does it suck being on a bike, my tush hurts and I rode 30 miles. My new companion Elder Schmit (Sh-m-it) is so dedicated and he is so prepared. He also is a sports fan. His main sports are Football and futball (soccer).

We went tracking and found someone interested on our first day. We will see tomorrow what she says, we also have church. I am in Toledo, Ohio. My address is: 3049 Navarro Unit #F, Oregon, OH, 43616. Oh yeah, we also have to worry about bed bugs ha ha (for you mom).

Well today we started tracking and this is what happened. First we ran into a guy doing his yard, he was so spiritual, he even said that God was in money and gave us a dollar. Thought that was neat. Next we ran into a Vietnam war veteran he does believe in God but believes in no religion. Next was the bible (Greek Mythology) basher (which I mentioned before). It was funny because he wasn't even getting the Greek Mythology right in any way.

The members here though are awesome. They are so missionary minded. This guy named Brother Thomas is so awesome he told us since he's a teacher and doesn't work in the summer, he said to call so that way he can get out of the house.  Then we have the Cross family who gives us food and does what ever they can to lighten our load. We also have someone that helps pay for groceries, great huh.

But boy is it fun (the mission), even though it is slow on investigators.

Love Elder Peterson

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