Monday, July 15, 2013

Greek Mythology and Christianity

 I have a ton of information to write so I have decided to just send it all in a letter. But I will tell you of one
experience that I have had which is a funny one. So of course you heard of a bible basher, but have you heard of a Greek mythology basher (makes me laugh every time I write this hehehe). Well we went tracking and we decided to stop at a house and they talked to us and said how Greek mythology was the bases of Christianity. Don't ask me how that makes sense but what ever they think about it works I guess. They compared Hercules to Jesus and said how Hercules died for all man kind to be saved. Which in reality Hercules died because his girlfriend accidentally poisoned his cloak thinking that the Centaurs blood would keep Hercules fully indebted to her and never leave her. Hercules only cared about himself. While on the other hand Christ died to save the world, and put all his time and effort to serving others. So My companion Elder Schmit (SH-M-IT) and I laughed so hard because we never heard of that before. Anyways I love you and hope that you will get my letter.

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