Friday, July 26, 2013

Time goes by fast

Been a great week for fishing I see. Go Grandpa, but if I was there I would have caught the 30 lb Mac, ha ha. But anyways, I have caught a terrific sister who's name is Ali. She is so awesome, she does everything we tell her. We want to have her baptized by August 10 -27 we're hoping.
Did you know that there are fireflies and boy are the so cool, I never saw those before.  This area is so inactive and hard to get a hold of people. Just thinking about how I never talk about my companion and roommates .  Elder Schmidt (my companion) is from Logan and played football. He played in the state championship. He is very spiritual, but has a problem at staying focused during study time (he says). Elder Brown is very quiet and boy is he a clean freak. Elder Steele is so funny, he would be a fun companion to have.
My desire grows every week that I have been out. It doesn't even feel like I have been out that long, it will be one month in five days. Boy will I have big thighs from all this biking. This is not easy work. Even though you do get a lot of rejections, for a while it seems like a waste of time, but then you look at the success. Our investigator Ali has been amazing, she's growing so fast. She is ready (even if she may not know it) I see it in her. "We have her baptism set for August 17." Overall, it has been a great mission and more to come, good and bad, it becomes a great learning experience. Biking though has killed my behind. 18 miles worth of riding today, 19 of July, my legs are exhausted. I feel bad for the members and anybody who let's us in, because we sweat so much that it's like we are dripping in water We ring out our clothes and they are drenched. You always feel sticky, which feels weird.

Love, Elder Peterson

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