Monday, July 15, 2013

Love I feel from Jesus Christ

This is about the love that I feel from Jesus Christ. This love is so overwhelming that it is hard to write into words. We watched today the Restoration through Joseph Smith. Never in my life has that hit me so hard. It brings me to tears. I have found that God even today symbolizes in Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith is who symbolizes Christ. Just like the lamb to slaughter.
But what hit me even more then that (which happened in Liberty Jail). Feeling all alone and wondering "Where art though God?" Which brought me back to my low points and wondering where is God. Then it hit me as hard as stone. By switching Joseph's name in for mine and saying:
Cody be thou not afraid for your trials are but a small part in time. If thou act well they part then you will be called on high.
Never in my life has something hit me that hard. God is real and now it is hard to deny it. Now I can't deny it. For if I do God would probably smite me down. This makes me want to talk with Christ more. I think I now understand a little bit more on the Gift of discernment.

Love Elder Peterson

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