Monday, July 15, 2013

Low expectations?

Letters from July 4th and July 6th

I have had the greatest time here at the MTC. My district is one of the best in the whole mission. We are doing great at keeping each other happy.
Elder Gates is very funny, smart, and filthy rich. He told how his family owns a house in Utah, California, and Hawaii. His mom sent him apple cider and homemade cinnamon rolls, very good. Elder Clement is one of a kind, he is ridiculously smart and every thing planned out to the dot. You can't even breath out of sync with his lessons it seems like. But when his not doing lessons, he is a very chilled back guy. Elder Bowden is a football player, but even more a motor bike racer.  My companion Elder Lee is a black man in a white mans body (as he would put it). He is very much white. He is from Sandy, Utah and graduated in 2012 from high school. He is pretty funny. He once made a comment to the teacher (because the teacher always makes fun of us and the teacher didn't know what to say back. This is the story. We finished 30 minutes before class ended and the teacher was talking about his girlfriend and how she never dated before, Then the teacher said how awesome it was to have a girl not date before. Then my companion said, "What because she had low expectation's?" Which was funny because the teacher laughed because it was a good comeback.
Fireworks last night were okay, the one's at Taylorsvile were better.That is one thing I do miss is the parties. But I'm lucky to have a good family here at the MTC. Another thing that I hate is all the Ice cream. It is going to make me fat so I had to stop eating it.

Love Elder Peterson

I have received all the letters. The missionaries in my district were jealous because I received so many at once. Grandma's package arrived and the cookies were delicious.
It has been hard to think of any spiritual experiences, because right now I feel like my brain has been splattered all over because of how much I'm taking in. To Uncle Alex, no the MTC is way better because my campus lets us walk to Jamba Juice. I leave this Thursday, so until I write again.

Love Elder Peterson

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