Monday, May 19, 2014

Tracking, Stop byes....baptism

Well you told me to write a letter so I am doing just that. I am writing this in the Harris home. They are a really cool family. They played volleyball with us in the rain. It was a total blast, but sadly my camera's battery died. So no pictures.
But to talk about my past week we had to do a ton of tracking, stop byes and a lot of contacting. We found two really nice potentials. They were all really receptive. In fact we are going to teach one named Quinton. So really excited for that.
Love you, Elder Peterson


Well the Baptism on Saturday was great my companion had to dunk her three times because her dress wouldn't stay down. So we had a double baptism luckily and so the other person baptizing went down and held the dress. It did not do any good for Mercedes because she couldn't move the next day because she has back problems. So we couldn't confirm her tell this week. So good things there.

Sandie:  Sorry to hear about Mercedes back. Hopefully that doesn't discourage her.

Mercedes is not discouraged thankfully. She is even more determined to go next week to get the Holy Ghost. It is actually quite amazing.

Sandie:   Your letter said you got to play volleyball in the rain. Was it a down pour or just enough to make it fun? Does the Harris family have older kids (more your age).

Well the ones in the softball photos (for my birthday) that is the Harris's. The Oldest is Christian (sound familiar) he is nineteen, next is Kateline who is 17, the next is Brooke who is fourteen, and the last is Daniel who is 11. There are two more and one is named Ian Harris who is serving in Provo, he is the second oldest and the other is Alisa and she is the oldest. None are members except their Mom, Alisa, and Ian. Yes it was a downpour, but it was a ton of fun. 

Sandie:    What are your plans for today? More fun and games :)?

We really don't have any plans for today. We are just trying to keep things under control and ready for Elder Holland. 

 Love you got to go

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