Sunday, October 5, 2014


September 25, 2014

Well the Gladys Knight Fireside was AWESOME. She has such a great testimony and it got a ton of people to get moving. We even got two new Investigators from it. Doesn't sound like much but with how many people we had go (3) We were super excited to get something. Elder Teh was so cool. I mean oh my Gosh he is sent from the Lord and with all the things he taught us it was so great. The kids hit a little road block and well it went all great. Christian told his Dad he was going on a mission, and he wasn't to happy to hear that. So a little hick up, but the Lord will make things happen. ​Well that is not stopping us. We have set a date for October 3​. Christian is thinking that it will happen. So I am putting a ton of faith that this is happening.  The two new investigators are ones that we have no idea who they were. So we got people that we never new about. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you We had BED BUGS.......GRRRRR. I hate those stupid critters. They are very nasty and ugly.

September 29, 2014

It's from Harry Potter
Well things here have been good. So it had its up and its down. Sadly no our bed bugs are not gone and we have to get an exterminator. The way you get bed bugs is if you go into someones home and they have them. So they latch on to you and get in your home. So as you know we missionaries go every where and anywhere.

So the umbrella picture was taken because I found Diagon Alley. If you dont get my reference ask neal. It looked pretty funny.

 I got the hole in my pants and will it is from working to hard so I had to buy me new pants. We are doing really great on investigators. We are now teaching ten investigators. No one close to baptism yet but they are coming along. The Harris are close but no cigar. They will have to wait tell next year to be baptized in Utah probably. So they will do that next June.... Not much else is going on. Four days isn't long enough for a long letter. But Watch General Conference it should be super good.

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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