Monday, October 13, 2014

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Well I am transferred since it has been two weeks since I wrote last. All is well here in Ohio. I came to my area Called Ashland Bike. Yes I am in a biking area, which is fun and hard at the same time. 

My address is:
 325 apt A Hillcrest Dr. 
Ashland, OH 44805

So that is the address to send mail to. I have to laugh I have been in a car for so long that my feet became tender and I got blisters really bad. So probably by the end of this area I will have calist feet. Well that is what I am hoping for. Since I have been here I have three baptismal dates and working on getting this area ready for more work to move forth. The first is a guy Named Jacob. He had a date for the eleventh but didn't finish the lessons so he has a date for Oct 25 and so far he is on track for it. The next is a couple that has a desire to be baptized and their last names are the Bornes. They have a date set for Nov 22 I think. It is a Saturday that week. We are working and getting things ready for that. My Companions name is Elder Wray (R-a-y). I am in a apartment of four and working on getting work done. I am emailing in a coffee shop this week and that is an interesting experience. But I hate the smell of Coffee, it smells horrible. Not a good smell. I have to go because I am in a coffe shop. So Love you all and write me. I will answer any questions that anyone e-mails or mails (may not remember so I will try to email that persons answer back).


Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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