Monday, October 20, 2014

Ash the Ashland

This was taken on transfer day October 8, 2014
Well doing great here in Ohio in the City of Ashland that has a population of 22,000. So much fun and great workout every day. I have to laugh though because my work is progressing and not at the same time. We find and teach but we don't find fast enough. We are having a baptism this Sunday for example and he is 18 almost 19 and has a desire to work and go on a mission. His name is Jacob. He is a super awesome kid. He loves the gospel. The way he was found is from a girl that was baptized last year named Anna and she asked if he wanted to take the lesson and he said sure (come to find out he only wanted to do it at that time for her). But when he was taking the lessons hard times came and he kept pushing and he has learned to love the gospel. So I am super excited to see him baptized. The next is the Bournes who was referred to us by a member  (they have a date for the 22 of Nov and they may even move up faster then that) and how they came in contact was at WalMart and now they are looking forward to progressing in the gospel. The only reason why we are teaching them now is because a Member opened there mouth and talked. Funny how that works even as a missionary. Everything is going awesome and yesterday a member told us that we only have 9 Fridays tell Christmas. Holy crap. Time goes by

way to fast. I almost fell over when I heard that. But working hard and pushing this work forward as best as I can.


Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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