Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Heart is full...

Well things have been going great. There just has been tons and tons of rain over and over. Just an extremely wet year. Never have I seen so much rain. But things here have been Great. I have my new companion who is Elder Gates. Who I was with in the MTC. Really a weird but great surprise. I saw him and Elder Clement that day. I was like wow what just happened. So now I am just working with him now teaching Caitlyn, Brooke and Daniel. They are really coming along real great. So ready they just need to finish the lessons and work on the Dad and they can get baptized. So right there. Then we are just doing a lot of tracking, stopping by and more tracking.
That is our week nothing new.

Mom:   Carly H. put her mission papers in she should be getting her call this week. I told her mom to let me know were she is going, then I will let you now. All these people that are leaving. Dad talked to Shalai M. and she is really excited to be leaving. It is not to far away, August 20th.

Elder Peterson:    Wow it is so amazing how the Lord works. There are so many people that are going out on missions. My heart is full. We are all being called of God. How Great is this work. When people say that this gospel is not true I look back on when Saul who became Paul and became one of Gods greatest missionaries in its time. Baptizing thousands and against all odds even going tell death. Even that did not stop him. Why are we then so hesitant to follow what God has asked us to do. I have no idea. He needs more then my old self. It also is amazing. People don't know what they are missing tell someone introduces someone to the gospel. I mean I have seen miracle after miracle and it just takes an invitation.

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Elder Peterson, Christian, Elder Betzold

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Elder Peterson
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