Thursday, July 24, 2014

Faith, Dedication, Work....and Forgiviness

Well transfers are here even though I am having a really hard time believing that the time I have spent with Elder Betzold has come so fast and now it is time for us to part ways. He has been called to be a zone Leader in I don't know which zone. But I will be going up and hanging out with him to the end. 

Elder Betzold
"Awesome Companion"
The people that we have been teaching is actually the Harris family with the Dad. One of the daughters asked the Dad if he would at least take the discussions from us and he said yes. Which came as a complete astonishment to us (for sometime he has not wanted to hear the discussions). So now we are teaching him with his family and going over what we believe. He already told us that he doesn't want to change, but that's what every person says until they apply the gospel. Then they find what true happiness is. Because this is not just another church, this is Christ church and that is what makes our message so hard to believe. Because it takes a lot of Faith, Dedication, Work, and a lot of Forgiving others of there wrong doings. So that is what the Dad will come through understanding the gospel and recognizing the Holy Ghost. But they are investigators.

We also have been getting referrals from Mercedes (she was baptized a few months ago) and they look really promising. They want to come to church and see what it is all about, because they are not happy with there church. So God's blessing us. I thank him so much for all he does.
Love you all. 

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

Here are some fun pictures of Elder Peterson hanging out with the dinosaur on a rainy/clear day.

Ta-Da I got to touch the dinosaur!!! 

(Getting totally wet while doing it). 



                  Run Elder, Run!!!

Always loved dinosaurs growing up.

Hang'in out with this lovely creature.

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