Monday, August 25, 2014

14 What ?????

Well time sure flies with all the months coming by (14 months out in the mission field).

So this week has been good. All the crazy things just keep coming up. All of life's fun trials just keep on coming. Like for example Nothing that we had planned at all this week went according to plan. Pretty much every scheduled appointment this week got canceled, and then we moved people, then we went on a lot of exchanges.

Everything is just great. We have to work our way through trials and tribulations. Sooner or later things will turn for the better. We are still teaching the Harris's and they are doing awesome. So much coming about with them that it is insane.

We have Gladys knight coming for all you Old people. I guess she was big way back in the day.

So cool things for us to experience. Love you all!!

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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