Monday, September 8, 2014

Crazy...Busy....Work is true!!

September 2, 2018

Well I have transfer information.........and I wont tell, tell the end of my letter. So you will have to read it to find out what happens. Well this week was a blast. We have now had training on Glady's Knight to know now what to do. Everything is awesome. We are like pushing this fireside so hard and getting people to come to it that we want them to have to come back next year and do another performance to fit everybody in. But that is like our busy life now. We also have Elder Teh coming the week after Glady's Knight comes. So when I mean busy I mean busy. We also have to prepare for him to come and that is nuts. Also when Glady's Knight comes. The following week after. I wont be having Preparation day tell Thursday the 25, So if you dont get an email from me on the Monday dont worry I have forgot about you but I have just been busy doing things for the week. So to update you on all that has been going on. The Harris are moving along they are almost done teaching. Now we just have to finish it up and get the permission. We found a new investigator that is really cool. I think that it is cool because she is real committable and willing to change. Her name is Airiel (Ariel). So cool things there. So if you havent figured out by now I am staying. haha. It is really cool that I am. I thought for sure that I was leaving. But other things Heavenly Father has in mind for me. haha. 


September 8, 2014

Well another week has gone by in the OCM. Crazy with transfers and basically a whole new district and with all the buzz we have been keeping extremely busy.

Gladys Knight has pretty much been filled up and there are limited seats left. Which means that they may just have to come back next year and do the fireside again.
Yesterday we had Stake Conference. I like it, but I prefer Church because then I can relax a little bit and be the one taught instead of teaching all the time. But I did love it.

So let me tell you about the rest of the month for me. This week is our prep week. Next week is Gladys Knight, The following week is Elder Teh, the following week General Conference, Then the following week is prep for transfers and then the week after that Transfers. So much going on. This is going to be a fast transfer. So a lot going on. 

So for Christmas gift, Already going to make a list for people to know what they want to send me. Church socks(especially), ties (remember cant stand out and no People or characters on the tie), dress slacks (Get a 34 to 36 waist and 36 length). Because people always ask me what to get for Christmas and I am just asking for the basics (well for a missionary).

Everyone is doing great here. We almost have the Harris ready for baptism. They are right there. We have all but four things we need to teach them. We also have picked up a few new people and they seem really solid. There names are Airiel and Stephen. They are a couple and they are interested in changing their lives. So great things there. We also have been getting in with a bunch of less active people that we never get in with before. So the work is picking back up. 

The work is true and everyone needs to be apart of this great work. You won't know unless you live it. Blessing do come and they come because we have a Father that is in Heaven that cares about us and wants us to change. That is what he cares about. Love this work and seeing more and more of a difference in how I am changing and it is spectacular.
Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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