Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug Aug Aug

Elder Peterson and Elder Gates

Just another day in the Ohio weather. Have had so much rain that every week has had at least 2 to 3 inches of water probably a lot more then that. But just working as usual. Tracking, stopping bye, and the majority doing service for the community to get our name out there. We have to keep pushing because the message is true. Our work will reach out to the world because it is pressed forward by God. 
The people we are working with are still working on getting ready for Baptism. Almost there. Just a few tweeks and turns and shifts that the Lord will make, will be what makes this baptism possible. Other then that no one new to talk about yet. 
Have only like two and a half weeks left of this transfer. It is way fast. I will admit there are down times but you just have to keep pushing forward I just don't like to let those times show. Because it is not worth the time and energy to let me mope and complain. When I can do so much more outside. But I do love this work.

"Liked what it said"
Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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