Monday, November 24, 2014

Not much but cold and rain

Elder Clegg, Bro Daugherty , Sis. B, Bro. B, Elder Peterson
Well everything is going great with me and my new companion Elder Clegg. He is quiet but a super cool Elder from the Cedar Fort area in Utah.  He loves music, works hard, gets things done, smart country guy. I knew him back when I was in Perry and New Castle. He has been out for 21 months. He goes home in February
(Mom: How many companions have you had that are from Utah?)
Actually I have only had Six out of ten comps that are from Utah. So not bad on that note.
The Baptism went awesome last Saturday and the morning of the Baptism went absolutely crazy. First off we get a text from the person giving the talk on baptism saying that her daughter was sick so she couldn't make it. So one of us had to plan for that. Then we get a text from Sis Bourne (the person being baptized) saying she had a problem. We were like oh crap, so we texted back whats up. She then said she was sick. So we then had a long conversation back and forth and then the only reason why she didn't want to come was because she was sick. But she did come. Then of course, there was an Ice storm the night prior and that was like ugh. So everyone was late and that was stressful and we were hoping that all would go well. Then after that it went smooth. Then we all just wanted to collapse. But that was all a blast to have done. So then after that we got all the work done we just went out and did what we do best, Missionary work. 
(Mom: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?)
For this Thanksgiving I am having two maybe three dinners. Yah​
Love ya got to go. See you next week.
Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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