Monday, April 27, 2015

20 can you believe it???

Well now, I am getting older and older. My birthday was awesome. It was sort of actually like a birthday week for me. It started Sunday of last week with the Crawfords. They made me a cake and it was delicous. Then they sent it home with us. Then on Monday we got to go to the Kunick family and they celebrated it on Monday. Then on Tuesday I went to Bro Stapleton and and they got me a cake and sent that home with us. Then on Wednesday the Crawfords got me a birthday present. I am sending pictures. Also an investigator made us cake. Then on Thursday I got a package from Grandma/pa Peterson. Then on friday the Bournes celebrated. Then on Saturday I got 6 cards. Saturday split was a big success, just excited to have it over and done. We had regional conference yesterday, and we heard from Elder Hughes of the seventy, Sis Reeves of the Relief Society, Elder Anderson of the twelve, and Elder Hales of the twelve. Elder Hughes talked about how there was a man in the middle east that is Mormon and how he lives in constent danger of being killed for his beliefs. Like he was writing a letter to the twelve letting them know how he was doing. He said that even though bombing happens as he writes with Anti aircraft going off. He still writes. He teaches his family knowing that one day the gospel will come to the middle east and he wants his family to be ready. Sis Reeves talked about the Atonement of Christ, and how we need to use it to the fullest. Don't think that just because you made a mistake you are imperfect. She relaid an experience of a man (when she was a mission presidents wife) how he thought that God could never forgive him of what he had done. But her husband interviewed the man and found him worthy to be baptized. She said the man was so happy and overjoyed that he feel on his knees crying knowing that God had forgiven him. We then heard from Anderson who taught about how God is losing the signifigance in the world. Like 6 years ago 82% believed in God, then 4 years later 69% believe.  He said that the sad part is the answer is simple to fix this problem. You need to have scripture study. You need to be at church. But most of all you need to teach about God in the home. Next we heard from Elder Hales and he shared the importance of scripture study and prayer. He shared not just the importance of personal study and prayer. But with your spouse companion study and prayer. Also family study and prayer. He said if you want to be comforted do this and miracles will happen. He then shared the success stories of people that do what he did and shared 10 examples of the hundreds he had of people finding the church because people followed the Lords council. But love you all.
Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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