Monday, March 23, 2015

Smooth baptism...more to come

Well the more and more I write the more and more I see how short of time I have. You tend to get a bunch of flack especially when you are the oldest. But we had an awesome week and we are working towards more success in the future.
March 21, 2015
Elder Peterson, Marlene, Trever, Elder Graves
Well things have been going awesome, the baptism went super awesome. We had a huge support with the ward and them getting baptized and it was a joy to see them all there. We had everything all set up and ready to go and it was a really smooth baptism. Not much went wrong at all. I sent pictures to my mom so you will have to bug her about getting those. haha The new person (her name is Rhonda) we are teaching is doing so awesome as well. She got talking to some of the ward members and it was such a blessing in itself. Then we also have a few more people that we are teaching and things are doing awesome. But not much else, continue the basic principles of the Gospel and I promise that your life will always be easier then if you do without it.
Love you all

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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