Monday, March 2, 2015

Another week...

Hello everyone, Well not much has happened just a bunch of weather that is all it seems to be. But Marlene (our investigator) bore her testimony and said that this is the church that they want to be in on Sunday in her testimony!!!!!! She said that she was planning on it and Trevor was too. It is such a powerful experience that it makes you go back and remember all that everyone has done and played apart in your life to get you were you are now. Like I know for a fact I am far from perfect, I screw up and I don't do things perfectly and even sometimes what the gospel of Jesus Christ says is right I still do wrong. But that has not changed who I am becoming. I see it in every person that I meet. You have a desire and you want to change. But it is just to hard, or you feel that you can never go back. Marlene said it in her testimony, she didn't know where she wanted to go and had no idea what God had in store for her. But she met me with another Elder when her mom got in a bike/car accident and that was the first time she talked to us. She felt scared and not sure what to do. Then a few months later she talked to us again and started to come to church and sees what she is and who she is becoming. Because of all that she has fallen in love with how the church has excepted her and made her better then what she was. The same happens to everyone, you cannot judge the church based on a few people or faults that others have. I have come to learn that especially. Because if you say that, it is the cowards way out. I have learned that when you say that the people are hypocrites you just don't want to fess up that you have done wrong or you just don't want to change. I delt with this problem recently with a less active, and I just looked at them and in my head said you have no idea what you are missing or what you are going to not become because you let others/yourself stop your progression in the gospel . But I know that because the message I and 85,000 other people share is  true. We all are trying to achieve it and we all have our faults. I cry for joy every time I see people come unto Christ. I have said it plenty of times before I love seeing the change that this gospel brings in people if only you let it. I count the blessings that the Lord gives me and other if only you search for him. I see so many just on this mission alone. Every single person has that potential. My companion has taught me that so much. He just barely came out and he works his hardest trying to become the missionary that he sees. I love that desire and I continue to teach/him teach me these steps all the time. 
Love you all

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

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