Monday, February 9, 2015

Scan de bug

Well I have had a super great, terrific week. We have been busy and getting a bunch of things done around the place. We have been busy with all the weather and craziness around the corner. Transfers are next week and so Elder Clegg and I have to be very busy.

Who am I?
Can you Guess?

We were out working and I saw a snow sculpture which my mom will have to show you of a certain Stars wars character. Fun to here the responses.

We have a baptismal date for Trevor and Marlene for the 21 of February. Which they are all set for. So awesome and the ward is taking them in too which makes our job a whole lot easier.  So things are getting busy and just starting to get more and more busy. We also have two more that want to get baptized and we just need to set a date with them. Which we are doing this week. So a lot of things moving on.
We also had a heat wave of 40 but we are going to be shooting down to the singles again on Wednesday I heard.

Love you all and keep on keepin on 

Elder Peterson

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