Monday, May 4, 2015

Love my mission

Here's a fun picture of Elder Peterson lefting the front end of a Volkswagon bug. Lol

Feeding the cows
Service project

Aren't they cute???

SO things here have been great. Just have been nice and calm and getting the work of the Lord done. Gotta love how the Lord works in things. But I have seen so much and getting so much done that I am super happy and love the work that has been put forth. It definitely has not been easy but it never was so what is new there. I love my mission and I have enjoyed it so much and I love working on getting things figured out to help this part of the world grow in the gospel. We have finally set a date with Rhonda and it won't be tell a few days tell after I leave for home but that is what the Lord intended and that is what I am going to do. 
Love you lots, 
Elder Peterson

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