Thursday, March 13, 2014

Road Block...returning investigator...letter from a member

March 6

Well it has been a great week, I can tell you that much. Katherine who is our investigator has hit a road block with her husband. He right now is not okay with her being baptized. So we are praying to have his heart softened enough to let her be baptized because she really wants to be.
Then we picked up Eddy again. Which is a complete miracle because he just disappeared. So that was great. We are working to achieve 25 lessons and still just trying to get over twenty.
The weather has been cold, cold, and more cold. Actually is has been the most ridiculous weather ever.

Love Ya,

Elder Peterson

Update: March 1

Well the week actully went well, we found the investigator that I was saying was golden in January. He called back and is in a Health care Facility. So great to be teaching him (Eddy) again. The funny thing the Husband of that Sister is now okay with her getting baptized. But now the problem is the Ex-Husband (Well lets just say that He is keeping her busy and she just doesnt know how to say no). Grr Satan loves to get in the way. But on the Brighter side is that another investigator is up to par on Baptism. He stopped smoking and drinking coffee cold turkey now for eight days. Which is awesome. Transfers are next week so that means next Tuesday I will be writing. I give up on trying to know if I am leaving or staying if the Lord wants me here I will stay if I am needed else where then I will leave for else where.
The weather has been so nice, it has been incredible. I can't believe how warm it has got for being forty degrees.

Love,  Elder Peterson

Dear Brother and Sister Peterson.

I am from the Perry ward were your son serves his mission. My husband and I have spent a lot of time with your son and his companion. Your son is very quiet but he has a very strong testimony. He has a kindness and a sincerity about him that the spirit radiates off him. We have been so blessed to have him serving in our ward. When the time comes for him to get married he will make one lucky young woman a wonderful husband. Thank you for trusting in the Lord and sharing your son in the Cleveland, Ohio mission. I would like to let you know that my husband and I love your son and are taking care of him while he's in the Perry ward. We have him and his companion over often. You have raised one wonderful son. I just wanted to share that with you.

Your friend.

(It sure makes a parent feel good when people let you know how much they appreciate your son and how well he is doing. I am grateful to know that he is being taken care of. Thank you for the sweet letter).

Elder Anderson and Elder Peterson

He was my temporary companion for a week and a half. I got to be a temporary Zone leader with him.
We played basketball against each other in High School.
Sport enemies and Missionary friends

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