Monday, January 12, 2015

Week number?????

So this week was a blast because of how many things have been moving. We had Alexs Baptism on Saturday of last week and it was such a blast. It was such a rewarding experience that it brings any missionary to tears, except me of course. haha.
Elder Peterson, Bournes family, Elder Clegg
But we have some new people to teach and a bunch of things happening with our already teaching people, like meeting with them. But we have not been able to get out this week due to that accursed sickness bug that's been going around. But still having a joyous time. The time is just always flying by. Well especially for Elder Clegg my dear comp of mine. He sadly is like shoot I go home in a month. Which is sad to me also. But that is why time is so precious. You just learn to keep on moving and getting things to work. We have been teaching for example the Bourne Family and they are so cool. They have a lot of growth and still growing and as the missionary that was apart of there conversion it brings great pride to know that all is going great and they are continuing in there journey in the gospel. I want everyone in the world both here in Ohio and back in Utah, Idaho, North Carolina, or where ever you are reading this to read the message of the Book of Mormon. It is a true Testimony that Jesus is the Christ. I know this and I know that you all can know this as well. 
Love you all
Peace out,

Elder Peterson
Cleveland, Ohio Mission

P.S.  Thought these pictures would be fun to share. This was their Christmas tree...pretty cute.
What a cute tree!

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas Tree..
"The four wise men"

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